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The trailer for has awakened at Star Wars Celebration — have you felt it?! The world of geekdom is already in love with the new footage, and it's so exciting.

The exciting new shots of new and old characters like Rey, Poe, Finn and Luke welcome a bright new chapter in the saga — but there is one character who was hardly noticed throughout the trailer: Kylo Ren. Despite how little was shown of him, his menacing presence was strong in the teaser.

I couldn't help but think of Kylo Ren during the entire trailer — and it's because of the color red.

Red Is For Revenge

Kylo Ren being awesome [Credit: Lucasfilms]
Kylo Ren being awesome [Credit: Lucasfilms]

Although The Last Jedi will dig deeper into the new characters, especially Rey, the trailer's intense use of red is hinting at something else. The poster is also painted in red, as if revenge is written all over it. The logo is outlined by red, which could foreshadow the inevitable bloodshed awaiting our heroes.

The poster displays an old Jedi alongside his former student, because the film will have us follow Kylo Ren as he cements himself as the greatest villain since Darth Vader. After killing his father Han Solo in a chilling red sunset, with a red lightsaber, Kylo Ren has forever descended into darkness, leaving bloodshed everywhere in his wake.

Kylo Ren was humiliated at the end of The Force Awakens, and revenge against Rey will be his top priority.

This new dark chapter of the saga, which could rival , will focus on the troubled knight and his inevitable confrontation with Luke Skywalker. Between them is Rey, and the poster literally shows that. She stands between the two holding her new lightsaber, which morphs from blue to red, perhaps hinting that her decisions could betray her. The quick shot of Kylo Ren and his awesome red lightsaber in The Last Jedi trailer is only a taste of what’s to come.

How dark the stakes can be... [Credit: Lucasfilms]
How dark the stakes can be... [Credit: Lucasfilms]

The poster says it all. Luke will face Kylo Ren, the student who betrayed him, while Rey's relationship to the Force is still being determined.

Star Wars: The Last Jedi will take stakes to another level with Kylo Ren as its vehicle; he will be the unstoppable force that will face Rey and Luke — who might or might not be prepared for the intensity of Kylo's red-hot rage.


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