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Summer has returned, as has the season of networks giving shows the axe, and ABC has been one of the busiest of them all, canceling nine of its original series, including long-time fan favorite Last Man Standing, 's second family sitcom after the hit Home Improvement in the '90s.

However, fans might be able to breathe a sigh of relief as the series has been eyed for a seventh season revival over at cable network, Country Music Television (CMT), according to The Hollywood Reporter. Though primarily known for their music programming — as if it weren't blatantly obvious — CMT recently reemerged into the spotlight after reviving another cancelled ABC series, , to run as an original program on its network.

It is important to remember that, despite this prior revival, that doesn't mean it's guaranteed CMT will revive Last Man Standing. While some networks can support grandiose budgets for large shows, cable channels such as CMT can't always afford to pay for network programs like Last Man Standing, especially with a lot of money going towards funding Nashville's 16-episode sixth season.

The family sitcom's cancellation came as a quite a shock to everyone, including star Tim Allen himself — who tweeted out he was "stunned" and "blindsided" by ABC's axing of the series — and fans responded with petitions, one of which collected over 380,000 signatures. Denying rumors of politics driving the cancellation, ABC stated that there were various other factors influencing the decision, including future decisions to not feature comedy on Friday nights, which was the show's primetime slot.

'Last Man Standing' [Credit: Fox]
'Last Man Standing' [Credit: Fox]

Though the show followed the sitcom formula of not featuring any major story arcs per season, the final season featured many character progressions and changes, including the marriage of Mandy and Kyle, as well as Eve struggling to figure out her future after not getting into her dream school and moving between her parents' and Eve's houses.

While no cliffhangers were left in the finale, many fans want to see more of their favorite conservative family and their ever-changing lives, especially lead character Mike Baxter's weekly vlogs, which helped make the show popular early on thanks to Mike's attacks on many millennial and liberal stereotypes. If fans hope to see their favorite sitcom revived in a quality way, they better hope CMT makes a better deal with series producer 20th Century Fox than NAFTA was according to President Donald Trump.

What are your thoughts on a Last Man Standing revival on CMT? What were some of your favorite Tim Allen moments in the series? Let us know in the comments below!

(Source: The Hollywood Reporter)


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