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Will Wharton

Before Texas Chainsaw 3D hits theaters this weekend, there's time for one last gem to whet your appetite. It should also serve to sway those of you who are on the fence over whether or not you're planning to see the movie. If you we're worried that this incarnation of your favorite horror franchise wasn't going to have enough action crammed into it, then check out the image below:

That's right, you just saw an image of Leatherface hurling his chainsaw at the face of what appears to be a foolhardy cop. Silly cop, chainsaws are for maniacs. The guys over at Bloody Disgusting picked up the image, which looks suspiciously like a trailer-cap, and touted it as 'pretty cool'. Can't say I disagree.

So there you have it, as if you needed more of a reason to see the movie, you now can enter the theater safe in the knowledge that if all else fails, you're going to see Leatherface throw a chainsaw at a cop.


And because of the lighting behind it, the chainsaw looks like it's on fire.

Even more awesome.


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