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It has been over two years since the release of Guardians of The Galaxy but, as hardcore fans know, there is still one final Easter Egg to be discovered in the hilarious superhero space-opera. James Gunn has stated many times before that there is but one that is yet to be discovered amongst the abundance of Easter Eggs in Guardians and he has promised that he will confirm it is the last Easter Egg if someone finds it.

The last major possibility came around the end of 2015 when a Reddit user thought he had discovered a Captain Marvel reference. This was quickly shut down by Gunn who reiterated that he will reveal the Easter Egg if someone finds it. All has been quiet on the Guardians Easter Egg front — that is until now!

YouTube channel MasterTainment has found an Easter Egg within an Easter Egg and it is all sorts of nerdception...and a little bit infuriating.

So, Let's Hear This Easter Egg Theory

Instead of looking at all the little details within the film, MasterTainment has decided to look at the (ridiculously) bigger picture, in the form of Peter's hallucination.

He's as shocked as we are
He's as shocked as we are

During the scene when Peter opens up the orb and envisions his mother, there is a beautiful backdrop. Why is there a beautiful backdrop of several planets during a scene that is based on Xandar? Who knows? It's lovely, scenic, and a sweet use of CGI so no one really ever questioned it. Not until MasterTainment, that is. He has suggested that the backdrop of this hallucination is none other than Eternity, one of the four cosmic entities in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

His reasoning behind this theory comes from another Easter Egg within Guardians which depicts Eternity - and the three other major entities - on a panel in the temple on Morag during the film's opening sequence.

The Four Cosmic Entities
The Four Cosmic Entities

On the panel, as seen above, MasterTainment noticed that Eternity (bottom left) was fixated on the purple section. He deducted, through colors and whatnot, that the purple section of this panel correlates to the Orb, one of the six Infinity Stones. After realizing this, he decided to do some research on Eternity and discovered that the backdrop of Peter's hallucination resembles the body of the cosmic entity.

After digging around some more, the intrepid YouTuber discovered that the nine cosmic beings The Collector referred to that controlled the power of the Orb could actually be the nine children of Eternity. He believes that since the nine beings and Peter could control the power of the Orb, then Peter could very well be the son of Eternity.


Okay, But How Realistic Is This Theory, Really?

This is a very plausible theory that actually has some solid evidence to back it up. While Peter being the son of Eternity is a bit of a stretch considering that James Gunn has confirmed Ego the Living Planet to be Peter's father, the theory of Eternity appearing during the hallucination is very plausible. It's also possible that while Quill may not be Eternity's son, he could still be a descendant — these are, after all, eternal beings so you'd have to figure they'd have fathered a lineage at some point.

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Another thing to consider is that Peter's hallucination happened while he was holding onto the very Orb that Eternity has ties to, and that Orb contains an insane amount of power that only a few can control. What if Eternity is trapped inside the Orb?

We know through the panel that he has messed around with the purple Infinity Stone, so what if his curiosity got the better of him and he got trapped within the stone? It is possible that Eternity is the personification of the purple Infinity Stone, and he could be the reason that is it now kept within an orb of containment. All the raw power of a cosmic entity and Infinity Stone would be too much for the universe, so that power would have to be contained.

Peter, the Orb and the Panel
Peter, the Orb and the Panel

MasterTainment has created a theory that can be interpreted in many ways and I can't wait to see what the internet thinks of it. He had previously created another theory revolving around Quasar which James Gunn commended but shot down immediately.

Gunn has made no comments about this latest theory but I am sure he will have something to say about it!

Could Eternity be the final Guardians Easter Egg after all this time? We can only wait for James Gunn's confirmation on this subject. I'm still waiting on Gunn throwing us a curveball and telling us the final Easter Egg is that Peter's dance moves are inspired by a certain Mr. Kevin Bacon.

What do you think about this latest theory?


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