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For a while now Warner Bros. has been trying really, really hard to get us to believe that Superman did in fact die in Batman vs. Superman, so that when he is inevitably resurrected in Justice League, it'll be a huge surprise to everyone. The studio has been baiting fans with the absence of Superman, with the rest of the League appearing in every promotional picture or trailer without him. Nonetheless, as the film approaches its release date, Warner Bros. has finally given us a hint that we will in fact see the Man of steel in the upcoming movie.

If you look closely at the final poster for 's tentpole film, you'll notice that Superman's silhouette is lurking right at the center of the image, with the tagline "you can't save the world alone" over his cut-out shape. It's clear that Justice League will be dealing with the death of Superman, as the League unite to carry out his legacy. We're left wondering if this final poster means that Superman will indeed appear in the film, or if this is just another allusion to how Superman's absence lead to the League's formation.

This isn't the first time the character's appearance has been hinted in Justice League.

Actor Henry Cavill has teased several times about the hero's involvement in the film, and with Cavill finally participating in the promotion for the film in China, appearing alongside the rest of the League for interviews and premieres, it's starting to seem very likely that will in fact, play a significant role in Justice League — and not just as a dream sequence.

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