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You know those potential Transformers: Age of Extinction titles that I reported on the other day? Well forget about them, because it looks like they were nothing more than robotic red herrings. Thanks to some top detective work, the guys at tfw2005 found that Hasbro has registered several trademarks that reveal the possible title for Transformers 4.

You wanna know what it is?

OK, here it comes...

Are you ready...




Transformers: Age of Extinction

I'll give you a few seconds to mull it over before we continue.

Sufficiently mulled? OK let's go.

First off, Transformers: Age of Ultron sorry I mean Extinction, has a very familiar ring to it. I'm surprised they didn't try to incorporate the word "Rise" in there somewhere as well and cover all the bases.

Leaving originality issues to one side, I must admit that Age of Extinction is a lot more convincing than the names floated around previously (Transformers: Future Cast, seriously WTF?) and it leaves enough ambiguity as to the direction of the movie. Is the title referring to the Dinobots, which have recently been confirmed for the movie? Or is it something even more epic and we're going to see Galvatron wreak havoc on planet Earth?

What say you? Use the comment section below to speculate away.


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