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Sophie Atkinson

The latest trailer for Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues has been released. Even though the film won't be released until December 20, the marketing geniuses behind the sequel are releasing a series of teaser trailers. Scroll down to watch the second one!

We're told that all the best people - Jesus, Jay Z - have one thing in common: they're all pros at making comebacks with really, really great hair. This certainly seems to be true of Ron Burgundy and his elaborately coiffed Channel 4 news team. There also seems to be little doubt that Brick still loves lamp - or in this case, lamps, as the team are backlit by the sort of OTT lighting commonly found at boyband concerts in the late nineties.

Brick's still on great faux-pas-ing form after the first trailer (in which he confided the foursome would be playing witches), giving his audience the ever-useful advice to only hug children when their parents are near...

Check out the trailer for yourself below:


What do we reckon, fatfaces? Are the Channel 4 news team staying classy or does the sequel look less than legendary?


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