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We are only half a month away from the major, one-of-a-kind, four-night crossover that we'll see on four shows: #Arrow, #TheFlash, #LegendsOfTomorrow and #Supergirl, all uniting for the biggest crossover event yet in the #Flarrowverse. On Thursday, fans got a taste of what the crossover will be like. The CW released the first teaser for the crossover, and if the teaser is anything to go by, it's going to be (as Felicity said) "the best team-up ever," on television.

However, that's not all. Entertainment Weekly released a whole load of promotional photos for the crossover episodes. Most of those images feature The Flash, Green Arrow, Supergirl and the Legends, but among those photos, one in particular came as a surprise, featuring one of the legends and a returning character.

Courtesy: Entertainment Weekly
Courtesy: Entertainment Weekly

Everyone knows by now that Katie Cassidy will be back for the 100th episode of Arrow (which will also be one of the crossover episodes) after her character on Arrow, Laurel Lance's shocking death last season.

The scene seems to be set in present day, and we don't exactly know how all of this will work out. It probably has something to do with Damien Darhk changing his "destiny," as mentioned by Damien Darhk himself in last week's episode of DC's Legends of Tomorrow. Damien Darhk changing his future could result in Laurel Lance's unlikely return on Arrow.

Not only will Laurel be back on Arrow, she might also be getting married. Why do we think that, you ask? Well, if you look carefully enough, Laurel seems to be wearing a white wedding gown and an engagement ring on her finger. The real question is: Who would she be marrying on such short notice? Probably someone with whom she has previously been in love with.

No, we're not talking about Oliver Queen. Is it just a mere coincidence that Colin Donnell also set to return in that same episode as Tommy Merlyn?

Some might argue that a white gown doesn't necessarily mean that she's getting married and the diamond ring isn't even on her ring finger, but I'm sure that most Arrow fans would love to see Laurel be happy for once, and what better way for that to happen than a Laurel-Tommy wedding?

Do you think that Laurel's going to get married in the crossover? And on a scale of 1 to 10, how excited are you about the mega crossover event? Let us know in the comments section down below.