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Warning: This article contains major spoilers of Legends Of Tomorrow Season 2.

Legends Of Tomorrow has really been on the money this season. With a colorful string of and truly powerful storylines, it's easy to see why some might consider it the best of 's comic book shows. And with this season's hunt for the Spear Of Destiny taking center stage, it looks like things are only going to get much better from here on out.

This season of "Legends" has featured some powerful moments. [Credit: The CW]
This season of "Legends" has featured some powerful moments. [Credit: The CW]

It's no secret why the Legion Of Doom want the Spear of Destiny — Thawne wants to fix his erasure from the timeline, Darhk wants to change his future and Merlyn wants to change his past. And the only way for these three villains to ensure these things not only happen but remain this way is for them to use the Spear and alter reality itself. We have spent the series wondering what would happen if it's used by one of them, but have we stopped to think about what could happen if a hero wields its power instead?

Will Sara Use The Spear To Rewrite Laurel's Fate?

The theme of loss has been a constant presence throughout the second season of Legends, with many of the crew experiencing it. Rory lost Snart, the team lost Rip and Sara lost her sister Laurel. A regular on for four seasons, Laurel Lance — the Black Canary — was unjustly killed by Damien Darhk. The shocking death rippled out into the wider but the person who arguably felt the effects the most was Laurel's sister Sara. All season long, the White Canary has wanted to kill Damien Darhk in the past and thus, prevent Laurel's death from ever coming to pass. But as we have learned, if history is changed, someone could still change it again. However, if reality is altered, that change is permanent.

Arrow has suffered a lot of backlash for its decision to kill off such an iconic comic book character, and is seemingly still attempting to do damage control by installing a new Black Canary — which seems to be diving fans ever more. Thus, could Sara use the Spear Of Destiny to rewrite reality, and in effect, rewrite Arrow's history?

If Sara rewrites what happened to Laurel, it would ensure that it couldn't be undone. Furthermore, if the sisters reunited and joined forces on the Wave Rider, it would be an easy way for Arrow to move past their controversial decision — and unusually unique mythology — while protecting the sacred Black Canary in the process.

Can Sara rewrite reality to save Laurel? [Credit: The CW]
Can Sara rewrite reality to save Laurel? [Credit: The CW]

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Sara's quest for vengeance has been a major presence this season, and because of the fact that her sister's killer happens to be one of the big bads, there must be some kind of payoff. With us heading towards an epic confrontation between Sara and Damien Darhk, we must see Laurel featured. If Darhk ends up dead, Laurel's death will be undone, but that doesn't necessarily mean he has to die. If Sara were to wield the Spear Of Destiny and change Laurel's fate, we might just see the Black Canary saved without Darhk — and his effects on the timeline — having to die.

Canaries: Will Sara rewrite reality and save Laurel? [Credit: The CW]
Canaries: Will Sara rewrite reality and save Laurel? [Credit: The CW]

It's worth noting that actress Katie Cassidy's new contract ensures that she is able to appear across all of the CW's superhero shows — including Legends Of Tomorrow. Furthermore, Marc Guggenheim had previously promised that Laurel would feature on Season 2 of Legends. Back in the fall, Guggenheim addressed Cassidy's future in the Arrow-verse, stating:

"Katie is a far more interesting question because we actually have a story for Katie on “Legends of Tomorrow” that I am super excited about. It could be the thing I’m most excited about. But it’s early, and we’re not ready to spoil what that’s going to be. I think it could be really, really awesome."

Now not to state the obvious, but the majority of the season has aired. Thus, either they nixed the storyline for Laurel, or they're saving it until the end of the season. And a Laurel Lance return is undoubtedly season finale material. So, with us investing in Sara's desire to bring Laurel back to life, and the fact that Katie Cassidy is due to show up on the show in the coming months, a Black Canary return seems inevitable. The only question is — will it be permanent?

Canary sisters.
Canary sisters.

This season of Legends Of Tomorrow has seen the Legion of Doom and the Legends chase the Spear Of Destiny. While the villains want the Spear for their own gain, the heroes are trying to keep it safe from them. However, what if the Legends' Captain — Sara Lance — were to take a leaf out of the Legion's book and alter reality itself? Sara has been desperate to kill Damien Darhk, thus undoing her sister's death in the future, but she ultimately decided that the risks were too worrying.

However, now she has an alternative way to get what she — and so many of us — really wants. With all the buildup to a possible Laurel return, and Katie Cassidy's inevitable resurgence on Legends, anything less than seeing the Spear bringing Laurel back to us would be a disappointment. If Sara gets her hands on that Spear — you can rest assured that the Black Canary will cry again.

Do you think Sara will use the Spear Of Destiny to rewrite Laurel's fate? Let us know in the comments!

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