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Tino Jochimsen

The zombie apocalypse: Your relatives are either eaten by or turned into human flesh-devouring undead, the survivors battling it out for the remaining resources or secure locations and the crippling desperation that must surely follow the breakdown of civilization.

Still, as AMCs The Walking Dead shows there are certain perks of the zombie apocalypse. For instance, you just might meet the sweetheart of your life. Exactly that happened when Glen () met Maggie, which also happens to be a good title for a sitcom, if AMC ever decided to do a spin-off for it.

Maggie is a true mate, a warrior princess, and someone who looks astonishingly good in what surely must be a specifically zombie-fitted bathing suit in stylish black, simultaneously expressing sadness about recently lost ones and also being extremely easy on the eyes.

Come the zombie apocalypse, I certainly hope I am near ... in a swimming pool. Thanks to Esquire for reminding me of that!


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