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Despite being an utter bad ass in the comics, the character of Andrea was a disappointment to fans in The Walking Dead TV series. Far from the level-headed and strong member of the team she was in the source material, the TV version was unpredictable and made constant baffling decisions, eventually resulting in her death. It was frustrating for viewers, and as it turns out it was also frustrating for the actor who played Andrea, Laurie Holden.

Appearing at Walker Stalker Con Philadelphia this past weekend, actor Laurie Holden revealed her belief that changing the character so drastically from the comics for the TV show was an enormous error:

"I think the departure from book Andrea to the screen was a mistake. I mean it's not like I couldn't pull it off"

Aside from being totally right about the departure being a clear mistake, Holden's also not lying about her abilities to pull off a bad ass character. After leaving the show she actually went on to help bring down a child trafficking organization, proving she was more like comic book Andrea than we ever knew.

'The Walking Dead' [Credit: AMC]
'The Walking Dead' [Credit: AMC]

Holden also voiced her disdain over the confusing and frustrating storyline involving Andrea and the Governor — something which was totally changed from the comic series:

"I think the whole stuff that they wrote about Andrea and the Governor was complete and utter nonsense. I did the best that I could to tell that narrative and to justify it where Andrea kept her heart."

However, while Holden believes that Andrea's story was poorly handled on the TV series, she was thankful for the death scene the character received thanks to showrunner Scott M. Gimple:

"I love Scott Gimple for giving me a gorgeous death with redemption so that you understood, and that she wasn't a victim and that she died on her own terms. But I think that there was so much beautiful narrative that was lost, and that she should have been there for a long time and been the leader that [Robert] Kirkman created in the comic book."

In the TV series, Andrea died after being bitten by a walker (the reanimated Milton) and choosing to take her own life rather than reanimating. She was given time to say an emotional goodbye to her friends, including Michonne, who stayed with her while she commited suicide.

Andrea's "gorgeous death" was a small consolation for Holden, who has previous stated that she thought she would be on the series for at least eight seasons, before her character was dramatically killed off after just three.

The Walking Dead returns to AMC with Season 8 on October 22.

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