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Dustin Hucks

The guys over at Boo Ya Pictures have been steadily increasing their profile for a few years now, working with the likes of Harley Morenstein and company of Epic Meal Time, and a few other denizens of the internetz that folks seem to laugh at, but in a good way. On their own, they produce some solid, entertaining content.

Now, they're looking to further expand their comedy repertoire to include a bit of a pricey horror short titled, Lazy Boyz. I could lay the details on you, but Ryan Coopersmith and Charles Muzard of Boo Ya Pictures have it sufficiently covered.

Interested in tossing some cash their way to make this quirky horror-comedy a reality? Head over to their Indiegogo page and donate. You'll be contributing to the betterment of society, or something. Probably not, but it's a nice thing to do regardless.


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