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Having starred in Cheers, The King of Queens and now her new reality TV Show Leah Remini: Scientology and the Aftermath, Leah Remini has opened up about some of her experiences within the Church of Scientology — and in doing so has confirmed our darkest fears. Now making it her sole mission to help people escape the cultish clutches of Tom Cruise's infamous religion, Leah has sent a direct message to the church in her Show stating:

"You’re not gonna continue to lie to people and abuse people and take their money and their lives…If I can stop one, then I’m gonna do it."

Taking part in an ‘Ask Me Anything’ thread on Reddit, here’s everything we found out about Leah’s horrifying experiences of life within the cult.

1. Children Are The Unspoken Life Source Of Scientology

Speaking about the HBO documentary Going Clear, Leah stated that she wished they had focused more on how Scientology affects children, about how Scientologists essentially give their children to the Church and about how there is a culture of systematically recruiting the young because:

"It protects the life source that is continually bolstering the religion."

She also went on to state that most active Scientologists are actually 2nd or 3rd generation, those who were born into it, with most of the original converts having escaped. More worrying though was her description of how the Church views children:

"[The Church views children] As old spirits in little bodies who have returned to Scientology... children are treated as adults."

2. The Leaders Know That God Is A Lie

When asked what she thought was one of the most shocking elements of Scientology, Leah replied that when believers reach the "Top Bridge" (OTP 8) they are informed that God is a lie, but yet there are more levels that you can pay for to reach further enlightenment. She is adamant that the singular higher up, otherwise known as the Church of Scientology leader David Miscavige, is well aware of this and is directly responsible for fraudulently leading all believers astray.

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3. Horrific Human Rights Abuses Take Place Within The Church

Leah reports seeing some truly terrible things while being in the Church. This also included seeing fellow believers being harshly victimized for trying to speak out against the physical, sexual and mental abuse they were the victims of from within their own community. She also reported being aware of senior Scientologists sleeping with minors, and watching such things being 'handled internally' as:

"All abuses are dealt within the "Church" as it is an enemy act in the "Church" to prosecute another member."

4. You Are Responsible For All Your Illnesses, Physical Or Mental

Given that the Church denies all mental and physical afflictions, they believe that psychology and psychiatry are a sham. As a result they promote their own method of healing through their own "technological methods." This would mean that the Church would regularly:

"get in the way of people taking medications. They will prevent people from getting the real medical help that they need, and in some cases have caused suicides because of it."

5. All Outside Media Is Branded As Deceitful Lies

Due to L. Ron Hubbard's brainwashing processes, Leah states that his "technology" teaches all believers that outside media (i.e. internet, books, the news) are lies all set around trying to bring down the Church of Scientology. Scientologists are consequently taught that their safest bet is to get all of their information from Scientology approved sources. However, if you are caught with external media you:

"you have to confess that you've read outside materials, and that will be met with punishment at your expense."


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