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Kevin Can Wait Season 2 has officially premiered on CBS and the fan reception was not what the network was hoping for. The show followed through on its plan to kill off Kevin’s wife Donna (played by the wonderful Erinn Hayes) and replace her with Leah Remini, but it was how they handled it that really upset fans.

During the Kevin Can Wait Season 2 premiere, the show spent less than a minute of dialogue on the topic of Donna’s death and didn’t explain a single detail regarding what happened. To make things worse, the brief dialogue they did have was anchored by a terrible joke about a coupon for kung fu lessons, which really upset the fans.

In response to the episode, fans took to Twitter to air their grievances and social media platforms were soon flooded with complaints. Apparently, the new star of Kevin Can Wait, , took umbrage with the criticisms and started a one woman crusade to respond to some of the Kevin Can Wait fans – and took several of them to task.

Leah Remini Responds To Kevin Can Wait Criticisms On Twitter

Many fans were simply upset with how the show handled Donna’s death and their criticisms on Twitter were relatively polite. Other fans were not so nice and their comments really rubbed Remini the wrong way – and she responded in kind:

It’s worth noting that Leah Remini never said anything uncouth to those criticizing her or Kevin Can Wait, but she did display her patented wit and charm that her fans have come to admire. Remini also took some time to address several other Twitter users, who didn’t blatantly attack her or the show, and her responses are quite lovely:

Leah Remini has always been very active with her fans and she always takes time to respond to their criticisms and compliments. The actress has also always been very outspoken and not afraid to speak her mind, but tries to do so in a way that doesn’t demean herself or others. Her tweets are a perfect example of how she can deal with people in a relatively polite way, even if the people she is addressing are out of line.

In hindsight, Kevin Can Wait could have handled the death of ’s character with more tact, but we don’t know if they plan to address it in the future. It could wind up being a major throughline for Kevin’s character; however, based on the Season 2 premiere, it looks like they might just move past it. To be fair, it is a sitcom, so taking a large amount of time to lament a character’s death might be too heavy a subject for audiences who are just looking for a laugh.

For now, Kevin Can Wait has made major waves with its Season 2 premiere and it's in the public spotlight more than ever before. It’s possible that all the press – and the inclusion of Leah Remini – could be good for the show in the long run, but we will have to wait and see how the season plays out.

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