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King of Queens star Leah Remini left Scientology in 2013, but she didn't leave quietly nor has she stayed quiet, much to the church's chagrin. The outspoken actress wants to be a voice for others who have left the church, who have been separated from their families, and are desperately trying to put their lives back together after spending much of it in a controlled environment that didn't allow dissent.

The information that Remini is sharing has obviously shaken and has clearly put the church on the defensive. It has established a website for the sole purpose of discrediting the actress, saying, in essence, that Remini's career was floundering when she left Scientology and now she is using her former religion-slash-cult to her advantage. Clearly, Remini has struck a nerve.

The second season of the series debuted on A&E on August 15th with Remini continuing to talk to other individuals and families who've left Scientology and are now suffering the repercussions. Remini herself has been harshly criticized and verbally attacked for speaking out against the church she'd been a member of for most of her life, but it hasn't stopped her from seeking the truth which has been, at times, surprising.

"Even though I had been a member of the church for a long time, I was stunned by some of the things I learned. There is a lot more to this story than anyone knows. And this series is breaking ground in bringing that information to light."

The Church of Scientology has launched an all-out assault on Remini, dragging up stories printed in STAR and the National Enquirer as evidence the actress is cold-hearted, callous, and conniving. While the church indicated that no one cared if Remini left Scientology, actions speak louder than words, and the petty vengefulness of the church has been well-documented.

Having an established website with social media pages and a blog requires a substantial amount of effort, as do the videos created to discredit each of Remini's guests on the documentary. Damage control is usually only utilized when there is concern the damage might be especially harmful—or is true.

There is no doubt that has a platform and that her voice, along with the voice of countless others, is being heard. Perhaps it is not what she is saying but what she has yet to say that has the Church of Scientology so concerned.

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