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We've been super stoked since it was announced that this incarnation of Leatherface wasn't going to be a glossed up reboot for the teen-generation, but instead will be a resurrection of the original porcine Leatherface who wanted nothing more than good meal of teenagers with his insane family. While the images for Texas Chainsaw 3D we've seen so far tip off a closer link to the original movie (and the promise of cameos from the original family as well) it's the new locales, settings and situations that everyone's favorite meat-packer finds himself in that are set to really raise the temperature. EW has just released some exclusive stills to set the mood.

For instance, have you ever wondered what Leatherface would do if he found himself in a noisy circus full of screaming teenagers? Well, worry no more because it seems that by Friday, our questions will be answered.

Here's a little taste of what the above grisly scenario is going to look like:

And after that little snippet of uncharted territory we're heading right back into the familiar with this really quite beautiful image of Leatherface hanging out where he feels most comfortable: ye olde slaughterhouse. I can just imagine young Leather bringing some girl he's sweet on down to the his father's place of work, showing her his prototype mask and offering her a slice of meat fresh off the production line. Her screams of horror are probably still ringing through poor Leather's head in this image. Well there's only one way to vent all that incestuous aggression isn't there?

Get to work Leatherface, we'll be watching come Friday, January 4th!


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