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Anne Parsons

I really think crowd-sourcing is proving itself to be a really great way of getting a lot of really interesting projects off the ground that would otherwise not get a look in.

One such project is 'Spook Train' by independent claymation extraordinaire, Lee Hardcastle. Hardcastle has established himself by winning the ABCs of Death competition with “T is for Toilet.” Now he is turning to crowd-sourcing to get his first major project financed.

The feature-length project is about three kids who discover the wreckage of the legendary Spook Train. They figure out how and why the train was shut down, in what has been described as "a dark ride with an even darker sense of humor.”

The project has been described as:

“the world’s first feature-length claysplotation.”

Sounds cool? We've got the trailer here, and maybe you'll feel like getting involved!


(Source: Bloody Disgusting



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