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Hollywood has created many unforgettable sets to tell a story. The Wachowskis had an entire highway built just to film the car chase in The Matrix Reloaded. For the latest Bond adventure, Spectre, the filmmakers built a base in the middle of the Moroccan desert to film the largest explosion in movie history.

But that doesn't compare to the set for Asian horror movie Legend of the Demon Cat, which looks to outdo every set Hollywood has ever made. The Chinese/Japanese co-production has spent $200 million to create an entire city that will become an amusement park after filming has wrapped.

The production team spent five years building the city for the film, which takes place during the Tang Dynasty. Legend of the Demon Cat is a thriller about a black cat that possesses a general's wife; terror ensues with "gruesome and unexpected twists" as a poet and a monk investigate. The set contains "lakes, rivers, palaces, caves, glamorous buildings and parks." Check it out below:

The film is directed by , who also worked on my personal favorites The Emperor and the Assassin and the Gong Li drama Farewell My Concubine.

While other films have certainly inspired amusement park rides (such as Disney's $160 million Finding Nemo Submarine Voyage and the famous Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey at Universal's Island of Adventures, which cost a relatively cheap $150 million to build), it's pretty amazing that a movie's actual set is big enough to become a park itself. The film is generating buzz with this monumental achievement alone.

The future amusement park is bound to attract tourists from around the world. The production crew has built something special, authentic, and groundbreaking. This is an amusement park I definitely hope to check out sometime in my life!

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