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Ever since The Legend Of Korra ended three years ago, fans have been eager to see what Korra and Asami did next. Employing subtle imagery and barely-veiled subtext, the finale made it clear that after years of working together, Korra and Asami's friendship had blossomed into love — and creator Bryan Koneitzko confirmed their romance in an expansive Tumblr post. Since then, fans have been waiting for the comic that will continue this story, which will be released later this month. But for those eager to see more, the wait is over, as some crucial pages from the comic have made their way onto the internet — and yes, Korra and Asami do share a kiss or two.

Korra And Asami Come Out To Friends & Family

After a few pages were leaked in April of this year, yet more were posted to Twitter last night, seemingly sourced from an Amazon extended preview.

Several Spanish-language sites feature similar images, citing that they were provided in an Amazon preview, but where the English-text version came from is a mystery. In any case, these pages are beautifully drawn by artist Irene Koh, and with just a taste of the action we're eager to buy the issue itself when it's released in stores.

These pages see Korra and Asami reveal their relationship to their friends, though we don't yet know how the group will react — but it's sure to be entertaining, considering that Mako dated Asami then Korra in the show. So far though, Mako's smile on the preview page implies that he's grown out of his teenage jealousy, and he's just happy that his friends are happy together.

The second page features Korra telling her parents that she and Asami are together, with some touching words from Asami herself:

"Your daughter is incredible, and I'm so thankful she feels the same way about me."

Korra and Asami in 'The Legend Of Korra' Season 4. [Credit: Nickelodeon]
Korra and Asami in 'The Legend Of Korra' Season 4. [Credit: Nickelodeon]

Korra's parents react in the best way possible, exclaiming that this news is "wonderful!" This is really, really touching, and after three years of waiting it's satisfying to learn that Korra and Asami's relationship has only been met with acceptance.

With Steven Universe championing representation on TV, and the Disney Channel airing its first gay kiss in Star vs The Forces Of Evil, things are finally looking up for queer representation in children's programming. It's hugely important to a child's development to see themselves reflected in media, and no-one should be denied this sense of inclusion and acceptance.

But regardless of their gender, Korra and Asami proved time and again in The Legend Of Korra that they were perfect for each other. With their relationship going from rivalry to friendship, the affection between the two women was really nice to see. And now, it's just good to know that even after the show concluded, Korra and Asami really did get the fairy tale ending that they deserved.

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