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It has been over 30 years since fans of Dune have seen a representation of Frank Herbert's beloved novel on the big screen. brought the novel to life with a tremendous cast which included Kyle MacLachlan, Virginia Madsen, Patrick Stewart, and Sting. The film was far ahead of its time in terms of visual effects effects, and though it has faults the film still holds up today. That being said, it could definitely benefit from today's modern advancements in visual effects - and it would seem we're going to get that.

Deadline has reported that Legendary Pictures has acquired the film/TV rights to Frank Herbert's Dune series, and they plan to make a series of films. This is great news for fans of the novels and fans of the sci-fi/fantasy genre, seeing as the story is basically meets . The idea of a dramatic space opera mixed with royal politics, is surely one that studios were drooling over. With the climate of the industry, it's no surprise that Legendary wanted to scoop up a big-ticket franchise of their own, since most all major studios have one.

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The History of 'Dune'

Frank Herbert's Dune has been a staple of the science fiction community since the novel was released in 1965. Among many accomplishments, it is, to date the best selling science fiction novel of all time, selling over 12 million copies. The lore has held up over time, making it a highly sought after intellectual property. The novel weaves a rich tapestry of characters, who populate an even more interesting world.

Check out the trailer for David Lynch's Dune below:

The story revolves around the planet Arrakis - also known as "Dune" - which is home to the most precious substance in the galaxy: Melange - also known as "Spice". Spice allows those who wield it to fold space and travel great distances in an instant. The main protagonist is a young man named Paul Atreides. Young Paul's journey begins when his family gains stewardship over the Arriakis, leading him down a path towards a greater destiny then he ever knew was possible.

Moving Forward

It is interesting that Legendary has chosen to tackle such dense source material, seeing as the novel was once declared "unfilmable". However, there was an attempt made by David Lynch, with his classic film Dune in 1984. Decades later, the channel covered Frank Herbert's material in the miniseries: Frank Herbert's Dune and Frank Herbert's Children of Dune.

Both attempts at bringing Frank Herbert's lofty story to life had their strengths and weaknesses. The report from Deadline gives very little details as to what Legendary's overall goals are for the property, although it does hint at that they planning to turn it into a franchise. At the moment, the industry is very close to over-saturating the market with numerous different franchises.

A story like Dune actually benefits from a franchise, since it gives the time needed flesh-out the rich world that lies within it's pages. The world of Dune is vast -much like Star Wars and Game of Throne - and there are tons of stories that could spread out over many different platforms. As far as feature film adaptations, there are two main ways they could handle the property. They could go down the line, making a film for each novel in the series; or they break they break up the first novel into several movies, to better cover all of the source material.

Check out a tweet from Kyle MacLachlan (Paul Atreides) summarizing the plot of Dune using only emoji:

At the end of the day, the success of the first film will dictate what happens with the franchise as a whole. Whether it succeeds or fails, fans all over the world are excited that they are taking another stab at bringing Frank Herbert's beloved novels to life. At the very least, it should be a visual masterpiece given the technology we have today. We'll keep you up to date with all the breaking news surrounding Dune, and remember: The spice must flow!


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