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The CW Invasion! crossover has come to an end in a stellar episode of , wrapping up all the plot threads in the previous episodes as well as exploring fantastic themes of meta v human tension and time travel responsibility. Also y'know. The fight scenes were epic.

This has been one whole week of absolute delight, with each crossover episode hitting excellent character beats and pushing along the plot. And of course, this crossover finale wouldn't be complete without a ton of pop culture references and Easter Eggs, and we wouldn't be doing our jobs if we didn't explain each and every one.

Squad goals, tbh. [CW]
Squad goals, tbh. [CW]

Let's start with the geekiest on our list...

Linguistic Disfunction = Star Trek Alien Language

It's very easy to reference Star Trek, and this episode even included the classic "set phasers to stun!" quote. But I'm still geeking out about the moment when Felicity suffered from linguistical disorientation after the Waverider's time jump — and started speaking an alien language from The Next Generation.

The line comes from The Next Generation episode "Darmok", in which Captain Picard gets stuck on a planet where the aliens only speak a metaphor/mythology based language. "Darmok and Jilad at Tanagra", the sentence Felicity garbles right before Nate, Mick, and Amaya embark on their mission, is a key phrase from the TNG episode — and considering "Darmok" is all about the intricacies of language, and Felicity is suffering from linguistic disorientation, this is probably the cleverest and most subtle Star Trek reference ever.

Of course, Nate responds with a Princess Bride reference because he apparently isn't a Trekkie — or he just wanted to antagonize Cisco.

It's A Fracking BSG Reference

She may not have watched Stranger Things, but Felicity was really on a roll this episode with scifi references. When things got tough, Felicity swore in the Battlestar Galactica fashion — "frack!" — which was fitting considering BGS's Donnelly Rhodes (Doc Cottle) portrayed the shifty Agent Smith in the Invasion! crossover.

Donelly Rhodes as Agent Smith. [CW]
Donelly Rhodes as Agent Smith. [CW]

Although his character was spookily similar to DC's King Faraday (connections to the Suicide Squad, government heavy, mistrusts the Flash... yeah, they're essentially the same person), the CW writers went with the name of Agent Smith, probably to jam another Matrix reference in there, after the Arrow episode was one big homage to the nineties scifi classic.

Avengers Who?

In a sweet goodbye scene that made us long for many more episodes of , the Flash, and Supergirl teaming up (they're totally DC's new Holy Trinity), Kara referred to her new Super Friends as:

This was a lovely sentiment, after Supergirl was proven to be the most powerful person among them, as Kara said that it didn't matter whether people had powers or not — everyone can be a hero. Aw!

Breaking The Glass Ceiling — Again

After the jerky, annoying, loudmouthed male president was vaporized by a Dominator in crossover episode, America got a new political figurehead in the Legends of Tomorrow episode — and just like on , this new president is a woman.

We really are in the darkest timeline. [CW]
We really are in the darkest timeline. [CW]

This was both a neat reference to Lynda Carter's President Marsdin, and some pertinent political shade considering the results of the recent US election — out of all the moments in the crossover, this scene really made me wish I was living in the Arrowverse.

The Other Superman Returns

There's no way this crossover could fly by without the writers reminding us that, once upon a time, Brandon Routh played the Man of Steel in Superman Returns. As Kara says goodbye to Felicity, Ray comments that she looks like his cousin — and considering Kara is Superman's cousin... well, you get the picture.

Ray discovers shadows of Supermen past. [CW]
Ray discovers shadows of Supermen past. [CW]

And as Kara goes zooming back to her universe — complete with an interdimensional cellphone/portal generator courtesy of Cisco — it's worth pointing out that Earth-38 is a neat reference to the fact that Superman first appeared in print in 1938.

Yeah, this crossover was satisfying on pretty much every level. Onto the next one!

Tell us in the comments: What was your favorite moment in the Invasion! crossover?


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