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(Disclaimer: This article contains spoilers for Legends of Tomorrow. Continue at your own risk!)

This has been an amazing season for all four shows in the Arrowverse. Arrow has stepped up its game, restoring its former glory. The Flash has made us completely rethink which comic book storylines could and should be adapted for television. Supergirl has made a giant splash with fans, finding its true home on The CW. Last but not least, Legends of Tomorrow has brought us the Justice Society of America, and has seen the rise of the Legion of Doom.

Watch the promo for the mid-season finale of Legends of Tomorrow:

Everything seems to be falling into place in the Arrowverse - which has turned into the best representation of DC Comics we have ever seen on screen. With all that being said, there are still some characters that fans want to see more of — besides , Wonder Woman and Green Lantern of course. One such character is Constantine. He made his first appearence season 4, and has not been heard from since. However, Legends of Tomorrow may have just hinted at his return.

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'The Chicago Way'

Image - The CW
Image - The CW

On the mid-season finale of , they dropped a major reference that might lead to the re-appearance of everyone's favorite exorcist/demonologist/master of the dark arts. The episode entitled "The Chicago Way", saw the formation of the , and revealed part of their plan. Led by the Reverse Flash - accompanied Malcolm Merlyn and Damien Darhk - the Legion set out to obtain an artifact that was in the possession of The Legends. Once they obtained said artifact, it was revealed to be a compass that leads to the Spear of Destiny.

Watch the reveal from the mid-season finale of Legends of Tomorrow:

The Spear of Destiny is an extremely powerful artifact. It is said to have penetrated the flesh of Jesus Christ during the Crucifixion, and grants great power to the person who wields it. The Reverse Flash intends to use the Spear to "rewrite reality itself", which doesn't sound like a good time for anyone in the Arrowverse (except for the villains, of course).

The spear has appeared in DC Comics before, and was involved in a few Justice Society of America story lines. The spear also has strong ties to The Spectre, who was introduced on Constantine when it aired on NBC. The most interesting thing about the Spear of Destiny being a part on Legends of Tomorrow, is that it opens the door to bring back to the Arrowverse.

'Constantine' (2005)

Image - Warner Bros. Entertainment
Image - Warner Bros. Entertainment

In the 2005 film adaptation of the Hellblazer comics, Constantine, the Spear of Destiny was used as a MacGuffin. In the beginning of the film, we see a young man unearth the spear, found among Nazi ruins in Mexico. Once the man is holding the spear, it grants him immeasurable power. In the film, the spear was meant to be used to release Mammon - the son of Lucifer - which would allow him to usurp his father, thus negating the will of God (which is not great). Luckily, Constantine is able to stop this from happening, and saves the whole of humanity.

Watch the discovery of The Spear of Destiny from Constantine:

Where The Lines Overlap

It's more than coincidence that the Arrowverse introduced The Spear of Destiny, and it hints at the Legion of Doom's end-game. The Reverse Flash mentioned that the the spear has the ability to re-write reality itself - which sounds an awful lot like the plot of Constantine. In many forms of literature, when one forcibly changes the will of God, reality bends to that person's will or ceases to exist entirely.

Image - The CW
Image - The CW

The spear having connections to Constantine leads us to believe that we haven't seen the last of him (Thank God). Bringing Constantine back in connection to the spear would be more than fan service; it would give him a key role in narrative. The Legends would have to bring him into the fold, so he can teach them about the spear, and possible ways to combat it.

As far as his connection to the Legends, Constantine was the one who helped cure Sara Lance of her blood lust after she was brought back to life via the Lazarus Pit over on Arrow. This connection makes his introduction on Legends of Tomorrow even more likely. This also serves as an opportunity to explore the supernatural side of DC Comics, which Constantine is a pivotal part of. We were introduced to magic on Arrow, but we hardly dipped more than a toe in the actual supernatural elements, and it seems that Legends of Tomorrow is about to dive head first into that world.

Final Thoughts

The Spear of Destiny is a gateway into a rich mythology, that can bring many great characters into the fold. Legends of Tomorrow is the perfect launchpad to bring Constantine into the Arrowverse, at least for a multi-episode arc. Whatever happens on Legends of Tomorrow, they seem to be leading the Arrowverse in exciting new directions. They already implemented time travel in a believable way, now with the inclusion of the Spear of Destiny, they are moving towards the supernatural.

Hopefully Constantine shows up to aid the Legends - maybe he'll even become a permanent member of the team. We still have the second half of this season to see where the story is heading, but until then, we will wait impatiently for the return Legends of Tomorrow on Tuesday, January 24 at 9PM/ET. on The CW.

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