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Wow! officially killed it in Season 2, and the finale was no exception. I had always wanted the Legion of Doom to win in the finale, but the actual ending was pretty incredible just as well.

Marc Guggenheim wasn't kidding, there was a lot of death in it, but that allowed for a pretty phenomenal ending. I'm glad that all the Legends survived. They really crafted the perfect cast this season. I'm also glad that most of the villains weren't erased from existence — I'm willing to bet the Reverse Flash will return. So, let's discuss some takeaways.

Sara Lance Is A Better Hero Than Oliver Queen

[Credit: Warner Bros. TV]
[Credit: Warner Bros. TV]

Who would have known? Sara Lance is more like the Flash than the Green Arrow. While Oliver has killed Ra's al Ghul, Damien Darhk, and virtually everyone he needed to, Sara Lance spared all of their lives. She had the power to change everything — to fix the past — but she didn't. Despite her roots in the League of Assassins and the darkness inside of her from the Lazarus Pit, she had more control than Oliver had in previous seasons — a problem that he is currently dealing with in Season 5.

The Reverse Flash Will Almost Certainly Return

After an intense scene in which the Reverse Flash summoned an army of time remnants, he was erased from existence (again).

There was absolutely no way that he should have lost that — he should've been able to kill all of the Legends within seconds, but then there would be no future for the show.

This is probably part of the reason why they opted to erase him from existence again. He was a little too powerful to have as a reoccurring villain in the future. Instead, they will probably bring him back onto The Flash. I have no idea how they will do that, but I'd imagine that it is related to the Speed Force. Perhaps he is now trapped inside the Speed Force, and Barry's fight with Savitar will resurrect him for good. Maybe they'll even resurrect Eddie Thawne. Regardless of how they do it, they will bring him back, because he has to travel back in time from 2024 to kill Barry's mother.

A Version Of Malcolm Merlyn, Captain Cold And Damien Darhk Survived

In the finale, we saw two versions of everyone — two versions of the Legends and two versions of the Legion. Obviously, the past versions of Malcolm Merlyn, Damien Darhk and Leonard Snart had their memories erased and were shipped back to their place in the timeline. While the death of Sara's time remnant suggested that their remnants also died, it's quite possible that they did not.

With the time storm, and the fact that they remained in the alternate reality, it's very possible that they will return in the future. Plus, Damien Darhk had his magic, which could completely change the dynamic of the Legion of Doom in the future. If that was part of the writers' plan, that's actually brilliant storytelling.

Those versions of Merlyn, Cold and Darhk would all remember what happened with the Legends and would have more of an incentive to destroy them. Essentially, everything that made Season 2 great — the characters on team Legends and on team Legion — are mostly preserved for future use after this finale.

That Ending

First off, I'm willing to bet that Rip Hunter will return next season as well. Perhaps the time storm will be why. There is currently no one on the team more knowledgeable about time travel and its consequences than he is.

The results from the time storm is somewhat confusing. Apparently, the Legends have one-uped Barry Allen in terms of screwing up the timeline. The time storm they created eventually caught back up with them and dumped them in a modern-day Los Angeles filled with elements from different time eras, including dinosaurs and futuristic buildings.

Based on what Sara said, the Legends broke time when they defeated the Legion of Doom. Now, they will have to fix that it at the start of Season 3. I wonder if a version of Barry Allen will help out with that, similar to how Oliver Queen helped out in the premiere of Season 2. Or, perhaps someone else will do it for them — possibly the Big Bad of Season 3. The question remains: How do you fix time?

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