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Legends of Tomorrow concluded the first half of Season 2 with one of the season's strongest episodes yet, as the Legends finally (finally!) tracked down the Reverse Flash, Damien Darhk, and Malcolm Merlyn. And in typical Legends fashion, they failed to save the day pretty spectacularly, which was very refreshing after a season of our favorite B-list heroes actually doing their jobs well, because that's never what Legends of Tomorrow has really been about.

The episode continued Sara and Stein's plotlines brilliantly, contrasting each character's different choices about maintaining the timeline. In the meantime, Mick and Amaya's relationship developed as he showed her all the wonderful ways to act like a criminal — and the duo leaving Nate and Ray literally out in the cold was both hilarious and oddly satisfying.

And because this is the mid-season finale, we got plenty of plot hints and setup for when returns from hiatus. Mick started seeing visions of Leonard Snart, and we finally found what Rip Hunter's been up to all this time (making a movie about himself, apparently, and his father Booster Gold would be proud!). But the biggest mystery of them all is what exactly the Spear of Destiny is, and what the Legion of Doom intend to do with it.

The Sphere Of Influence

Just as Darhk said, the Spear of Destiny is taken from Christian mythology, and its history in DC Comics goes all the way back to the Golden Age — which was later retconned to be Earth-2's superhero history.

As was common back in the 1940s, Hitler was the main villain in this particular story, using the Spear of Destiny to control people with superpowers and create a huge Sphere of Influence around Europe. Inside the Sphere, those with powers would fall under Hitler's control. Although he was eventually defeated by the Spectre — who may appear in Arrow next year — Hitler cursed the Spear to corrupt whoever attempted to wield it with his own desire for power. Yikes.

Hitler gets his hands on the Spear of Destiny. [DC]
Hitler gets his hands on the Spear of Destiny. [DC]

With its terrifying history and potential for corruption and power, it's no wonder the Legion of Doom are trying to find the Spear. Needless to say, the timeline would be very screwed if they ever get their hands on it. And it seems as though the Legends of Tomorrow writers have altered the Spear's mythology somewhat, from how Thawne described its power:

In the comics, the Spear doesn't have reality altering powers, but if the Legion of Doom use it to control superpowered people then they could certainly rewrite history. It's worth noting that the original Spear of Destiny plot involved the JSA, who have had a small but crucial role in Legends of Tomorrow Season 2. It's not too much of a stretch to think that the Legion may use the Spear to control the JSA, changing history and forming a powerful defense against the Legends.

The Justice Society of America were formed almost entirely of metas. [CW]
The Justice Society of America were formed almost entirely of metas. [CW]

Of course, the Legion could also use the Spear to control the Legends who have superpowers, pitting Nate, Jax, and Stein against the rest of the team, which could be very interesting — and a great continuation of the tensions between metas and humans that was explored in the "Invasion!" crossover. And speaking of crossovers, the Spear could lead to another crossover point with ...

Return Of The Spectre

The Spectre is a fascinating character in DC canon — and a major player in both DC stories about the Spear of Destiny. Several different hosts have taken up the mantle of the Spectre, as the Spirit of Vengeance possesses them and grants them incredible powers. One of these characters already exists within the : Jim Corrigan, a detective who teamed up with Constantine in his short-lived TV show. Fans are already speculating that we may see the Spectre on Arrow when the show returns next year, thanks to the title of one of the episodes.

Of course, this title could be a reference to the Star Trek: The Original Series episode of the same name (it's an absolutely banging episode in which Kirk and the crew get trapped in the Wild West, leading to one of TOS' most ridiculous fight sequences). But "Spectre of the Gun" could also be a play on words, hinting at Spectre's appearance in the Arrowverse.

Jim Corrigan as the Spectre in 'Constantine'. [CW]
Jim Corrigan as the Spectre in 'Constantine'. [CW]

If Spectre is re/introduced in this Arrow episode, he could easily cross over into Legends of Tomorrow to help them take out the Legion of Doom: As one of the most powerful characters in DC canon, he can resist the mind-control influence of the Spear, but he has also been almost killed by it twice.

It seems like a pretty big coincidence for the Spear of Destiny to be introduced to The CW canon just when Spectre may also reappear... but a coincidence might be exactly what this is. While we'd love for Constantine and Spectre to team up with the Legends next year, there's plenty of plot possibilities with the JSA and Captain Cold's mysterious reappearance (I don't buy that he's just Mick's hallucination).

One thing we do know for certain is that the Spear of Destiny is a terrifying artifact for the Legion to possess, and the Legends are gonna have their hands full trying to deal with this next year. We can't wait to see what happens!


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