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They're not heroes, they're legends. And as a result, the stars of DC's Legends of Tomorrow often rub shoulders with the legends of the past. Previous seasons have featured plots involving King Arthur and Camelot, but this time round the episode "Helen Hunt" introduced us to none other than Helen of Troy. And, in a brilliant twist, the story came to an end with a superb Wonder Woman Easter Egg. Note: This article contains major spoilers for the Season 3 episode "Helen Hunt."

Here's How Helen's Story Ends

"The face that launched a thousand ships," Helen of Troy was a woman whose beauty brought her no peace. Wherever she went, men were inspired to battle in an attempt to win her favor. That ultimately saw poor Helen consigned to a tower in Troy, watching in sorrow as armies battled on her behalf.

Until, we learned, she was picked up by none other than Damien Darhk. The resurrected sorcerer seems to view anachronisms as "good for business," and he launched the most intriguing one to date. He took Helen of Troy out of 1253BC, and brought her to the Hollywood of the 1950s. There, she quickly began a career as a breakout star, subtly changing the course of history.

That, of course, is where the Legends come in. In spite of the best efforts of Darhk and his allies, the Legends successfully retrieved Helen and corrected the course of history. But as they got to know Helen, they realized they couldn't just condemn her to return to Troy. There, she'd be nothing more than a sex object, a glorified prize fought over by men. So Zari decided to take another course.

The episode came to a close with Zari dropping Helen off on what she called "an island of warrior women." The reference was enough to make any DC fan sit up and grin, but just to make it official, the show added a quick place-reference. "Themyscira, 1253BC."

Themyscira Is Now Part Of The Arrowverse

Themyscira, of course, is the home of the Amazons. Film fans are a lot more aware of this particular part of DC's mythology after the box office success of Wonder Woman, which introduced us to DC Film's version of the island. Now, it seems the has its own version of Themyscira.

Thanks to The Flash Season 2, we already knew that Earth-2 has a version of Wonder Woman, and therefore Themiscyra, as Barry Allen had "Diana" on speed-dial. Because the Earths mirror each other, we suspected that this meant that Themiscyra, and Diana, also existed on Earth-1, and now we know for sure.

Although Themiscyra's inclusion in this Legends episode was brief, this was a wonderful detail that will bring delight to DC fans. And as we know, the best Easter Eggs often lay the foundations for future plot development. While it's doubtful we'll ever see herself in Legends of Tomorrow (she wouldn't exactly be a good fit), it's quite possible DC could choose to revisit the island of Themyscira — after all, there are plenty of other Amazonian heroes who could easily be absorbed into the Arrowverse. With Legends of Tomorrow taking a supernatural slant of late, with three Totems at work and the resurrection of Damien Darhk, the Amazons would work well in this mystical context.

So there you have it, DC fans! Themyscira is officially a part of the Arrowverse. Perhaps the most exciting fact is that Zari knew where to find the island in the first place. There's no hint that she used the Waverider's computers to learn of Themyscira (let's face it, she'd have to be pyschic to do a search for "islands of warrior women".) It's likely that, by Zari's time, the existence of Themyscira is an open secret. That suggests could well choose to revisit the island as the Arrowverse continues.

Which Amazons do you think should be added to the Arrowverse, and how? Let me know your thoughts in the comments!


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