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The Legends embark on a mission to Feudal Japan in Season 2 Episode 3, after new recruit Nate Heywood falls out of the Waverider mid-flight. This results in a fun episode of , with samurai battles galore, and even some ninjas dropping in, to the delight of Mick Rory. There was some nice character development too, amongst the enjoyable fight scenes, as Nate struggled to control his new powers, Ray accepted the destruction of his Atom suit, and Amaya slowly came to accept Mick.

Back on the Waverider, Jax and Stein discovered an intriguing message from Barry Allen — originating from 2056, Barry's SOS had a secret warning for Rip Hunter.

Barry Allen sends a message from the future. [The CW]
Barry Allen sends a message from the future. [The CW]

We know a bit about the future of Barry Allen, but with all the timeline resets it's difficult to know what version of the future he's from. So what is he trying to warn the Legends about?

The Significance Of 2056

The first season of The Flash was peppered with allusions to Barry Allen's future, thanks to the Reverse Flash, Barry's future nemesis. With the Reverse Flash back to plague the Legends this season, it makes sense to draw a connection to where it all began, but the date of Barry's broadcast is baffling. After all, as we were reminded countless times in The Flash Season 1, Barry will vanish in a "Crisis" of 2024.

The Flash will disappear in 2024. [The CW]
The Flash will disappear in 2024. [The CW]

Throughout the season, the Reverse Flash (disguised as Harrison Wells) would periodically check with Gideon that the future was still on track with this event. While we never found out what this Crisis will be, as far as we know it's still going to happen.

But then Barry reset the timeline a few times so all bets are off. We do know the Reverse Flash is zipping back and forward through time in order to enact some dastardly scheme — and it seems certain that this is what Barry is warning Rip about — but the 2024 Crisis event seemed important to him in Season 1 of The Flash. Everything Thawne did was to ensure this event still occured. Why then, did Barry's message originate in 2056, if he disappeared in 2024?

The only significance 2056 has in DC history is that this is the year Bart Allen travels back from, when he joins the team in the Young Justice animated series.

Bart Allen in 'Young Justice'. [Cartoon Network]
Bart Allen in 'Young Justice'. [Cartoon Network]

Legends of Tomorrow likes to play with the idea of family legacy, with characters often meeting their ancestors or descendants. Even Amaya, another new teammate, is the ancestor of Mari from the Vixen animated series. It's entirely possible that later on in Season 2, we might meet Bart Allen, either before or after he travels from 2056.

Katana's Family Legacy

But that's not the only reference to a family legacy in Legends of Tomorrow "Shogun". At the end of the episode, it turns out that Misako's family name is Yamashiro, making her the ancestor of Maseo Yamashiro — bearer of the enchanted katana that is later used by his wife, Tatsu, when she becomes the vigilante known as Katana.

Known for her role in the recent movie Suicide Squad, Katana also appeared on Arrow in Season 3, fighting alongside Ray and the rest of Team Arrow (sans Oliver) to protect Star City from a vicious bioweapon.

Whether this was just a neat reference to a former ally, or a hint that we might see Katana in Legends of Tomorrow, remains to be seen. But it's entirely possible that she might pop up in later episodes, after this nod to her character.

What A Bunch Of Banthas

The other Easter Eggs in "Shogun" were, surprisingly, both related to Star Wars. Nate shared Yoda's teachings with Misako, explaining that Yoda is a wise sensei... which isn't too far from the truth.

"Do or do not, there is no try."

Mick also dropped an interesting, if unintentional, reference — when Amaya accused him of killing Rex Tyler, Mick replied that because he'd killed a lot of people, she'd "have to be more specific". That's straight from the pages of the ongoing Star Wars: Skywalker Strikes comic.

Luke Skywalker encounters Vader, prior to the 'Empire' reveal. [Marvel/Lucasfilm]
Luke Skywalker encounters Vader, prior to the 'Empire' reveal. [Marvel/Lucasfilm]

So either Mick's a giant Star Wars nerd, or the writers of Legends of Tomorrow are. Here's hoping we get to see Mick flicking through the pages of a Star Wars comic at some point, because there's nothing more endearing to find out that a hardboiled villain-turned-hero is secretly just as geeky as we are.

Tell us in the comments: Would you like to see Katana cameo in Legends of Tomorrow?


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