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Even legends can die. This painful lesson is one that DC's Legends of Tomorrow has unfortunately rammed home more than once over the show's first two seasons. From Vixen to Captain Cold, team members have often lost their lives in the fight to protect the timeline. Luckily for the fans though, some deaths are less permanent than others, and new evidence suggests that a familiar face could return for Season 3.

Will Vixen Return To Legends Of Tomorrow In Season 3?

After dying at the hands of Captain Cold, smashed into a thousand pieces. Vixen's future didn't look too promising, that is, until history was rewritten in the Season 2 finale, bring her back to life. However, if the Legends fix the problems in the timeline, then this could potentially reverse Vixen's resurrection.

During a panel at the Heroes & Villains Fan Fest in London, actress Maisie Richardson-Sellers was asked point blank whether her character would return for Season 3:

"I am definitely coming back next season."

While Richardson-Sellers was reluctant to clarify how exactly, a few clues dropped during the panel may reveal how Vixen would develop as a member of the Legends in the future.

Check out this Season 2 recap to bring yourself up to speed:

How Will Vixen Evolve On Legends Of Tomorrow?

Barry Allen may love f**king up the timeline, but the sure do like to give The Flash a run for his money in that department. At the end of Season 2, the Legends had royally messed things up once again by literally breaking time, causing different periods to merge together in a hot mess of dinosaurs and futuristic skylines.

Given that this is how Season 2 ended, there's a strong chance that Vixen will be key in the fight to restore order and balance, perhaps in the role of Captain. Richardson-Sellers herself supported the idea this weekend, while also revealing that she "would love" to see the Justice Society return in some way too, and their involvement could certainly tip the tide if they return to the show.

We also know that a new version of the Time Masters will become a threat in Season 3. Star Brandon Routh told us during his panel that the threat they pose will be somewhat different this season, though:

I believe it's not the Time Masters as we know them, but some kind of different formation of an entity that is like a time master entity."

While this certainly suggests that the new Time Masters will be villains, they may also end up helping to fix things if they're adversely affected by the changes that took place too.

Vixen was one of the highlights of Season 2, and we can't wait to see how Maisie Richardson-Sellers continues to explore the character further in Season 3. Forget the Nate romance, though. We want to see the former member of the JSA take a ride in the Captain's seat for once. Sara Lance deserves a break, after all.

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