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(Disclaimer: This article contains spoilers for Legends of Tomorrow. Continue at your own risk!)

DC’s Legends of Tomorrow didn’t have the best first season; however, the show’s sophomore season has proven to be a great addition to The CW. The show’s biggest contribution to the Arrowverse thus far is introducing the Legion of Doom: a villainous supergroup comprised of Malcolm Merlyn, Eobard Thawne, and Damien Darhk. The Legion has been traveling through time trying to locate the Spear of Destiny, so they can possess the power to change the fabric of reality itself.

Legends of Tomorrow [Credit: The CW]
Legends of Tomorrow [Credit: The CW]

We have known the Legion of Doom’s plans for a while, but we didn’t know what their motives were. Thanks to Episode 10 of Season 2, titled ‘Legion of Doom’, we finally know why the Legion is looking for the Spear of Destiny. Eobard Thawne is the mastermind behind the plan, and he's doing it because he is running from .

'The Legion Of Doom'

Legends of Tomorrow [Credit: The CW]
Legends of Tomorrow [Credit: The CW]

This episode is an in-depth look at the , and it was also one of the best episodes of the season. It begins with Eobard Thawne tracking down Meryln and Darhk, to recruit them to his team of super-villains. We spend a lot of time with The Legion, and we come to learn that the team does not function very well together. The 3 men constantly undermine each other at every turn, while they also attempt to get information out of their prisoner, Rip Hunter.

The Legion is desperately looking for the rest of the Spear of Destiny, but Merlyn and Darhk don’t know why Thawne wants it so bad. The two become suspicious of Thawne after they realize he is constantly deserting them, and giving no explanation of his absence. All signs point to the fact that he is running, but no one knows what a speedster would need to run from.

Watch the Legion of Doom battle the Black Flash below:

Thawne returns to the hideout, where we learn Thawne is running from something that he thought was a Time Wraith — but this is something else, something faster. The creature is revealed to be Black Flash, and he wants Thawne dead. The Legion of Doom comes up with a plan, which they execute quite well. They end up trapping Black Flash in a vault — but something tells me this isn’t the last we’ve seen of him.

The Black Flash

Black Flash [Credit: DC Comics]
Black Flash [Credit: DC Comics]

In the comics, Black Flash is the grim reaper of speedsters. His origins are unknown, but his motive is very clear: to kill all speedsters. He is believed to come into existence because death is too slow to catch up with speedsters, and there must be balance. Once he targets a specific person, he does not stop unless he takes the person, or he is stopped somehow – there is always a way to cheat death in comic books! He is incredibly fast, can sense the Speed Force, and is totally relentless.

In the Arrowverse, Black Flash is an abomination that is a direct result of Barry Allen messing with the timeline. In The Flash Season 2, the Time Wraiths hunted Barry because of his time-travelling shenanigans. When the Time Wraiths finally caught up with him, they ended up taking Zoom in Barry's place, after he went back in time a bunch of times to create “time duplicates” to defeat Barry. The Speed Force and its inner workings are very complicated, but waht we do know is this: the Time Wraiths ended up fusing with Zoom, somehow creating a force that is hell-bent on seeking out speedsters.

Is The Black Flash A Threat To All Speedsters?

Legends of Tomorrow [Credit: The CW]
Legends of Tomorrow [Credit: The CW]

Black Flash is incredibly fast, nearly unstoppable, and is hunting Eobard Thawne. This is unfortunate for Thawne, but it brings up some interesting questions. Why isn’t the Black Flash hunting Barry? My guess would be that it’s only a matter of time. Much like the time wraiths, I would assume Black Flash tracks his targets one at a time. Once he has defeated Thawne, Barry will be next.

Another question is; what does Black Flash want? Since he is part time wraith, I assume that he wants to eliminate those who abuse the speed force, or use it to manipulate the timeline. However, he is also part Zoom, and that means he wants all the speed force for himself. Coincidentally, both objectives complement each other. Much like his comic book counterpart, Black Flash might be on a mission to kill every speedster who is imbued with the Speed Force.

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Black Flash’s existence puts Barry, Jesse Quick, Jay Garrick, Wally West, and Eobard Thawne in grave danger. If this version of Black Flash is anything like the comic, someone will die at his hands. It is of note that when a speedster dies, they become part of the Speed Force, and we’ve seen Barry become one with the Speed Force in Season 2. It seems likely that Black Flash becomes an overarching character that spans most of the Arrrowverse, and he will become a permanent fixture.

Watch the promo for episode 11 of Legends of Tomorrow below:

Black Flash's return to the Arrowverse does not bode well for our favorite speedsters, and might spell doom for one of them. On the bright side, it’s amazing that the all the characters can exist on different shows within the universe, which makes The CW almost like a live-action comic book. We get to see all our favorite characters interact with each other, and hopefully this leads to some more great team-ups in the future. You can tune in to Legends of Tomorrow, Tuesdays 9PM/ET on The CW.

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