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Ah, Legends of Tomorrow, The CW's other superhero show. With Arrow continuing on with its dedicated fanbase, and The Flash wowing viewers with shocking twists, it's easy to overlook Legends, the whacky show about would-be heroes. And yet, Legends of Tomorrow might just be the most interesting superhero show out there, as it continues to defy expectation.

Part time-travel romp, part superhero quest, part Prison Break AU, Legends of Tomorrow spent much of Season 1 trying to find its rhythm, with mixed results. However, everything really fell into place for the finale, which wrapped up all the plot threads neatly while teasing an epic set-up for Season 2.

The Legends kill Vandal Savage at last.
The Legends kill Vandal Savage at last.

There's already been a lot of talk about changing things around for Legends of Tomorrow Season 2, which makes sense. Season 1 revolved around the Legends' mission to kill Vandal Savage and save Rip Hunter's family. Having succeeded in one of those tasks, and learned that the second one just couldn't be accomplished, it's time for the team to move on.

A New Mission

This is a really exciting premise, as now the Legends can discover their own purpose, beyond the vague "protecting the timeline" mission (which is itself ironic, as much of the Legends' actions so far have operated on a "screw the timeline" mandate).

"Once." Sure, Rip.
"Once." Sure, Rip.

So what do we know about this so far? Nothing! Or at least, nothing much. Here's what showrunner Phil Klemmer had to say to IGN about Season 2.

"We're coming at it from a completely different angle. We're determined to make every part of Season 2 feel like its own show. Episode 201 will very much be a new pilot with new good guys, new bad guys, new stakes, new dynamics, new goals. Once you save the world, what do you do then?"

One thing's for certain — the Legends will have a brand new threat to face, a villain so ominous that Vandal Savage "seems small in comparison", as exec producer Marc Guggenheim explained to EW. And after the finale, we have some idea of how the cast will be different — Kendra and Carter left the team, while Leonard Snart sacrificed himself to destroy the Oculus.

Snart will return in 'Legends' Season 2.
Snart will return in 'Legends' Season 2.

Wentworth Miller has already been confirmed as a regular for Season 2, so we can assume he'll be back from the dead in some gloriously sci-fi manner. As for the others, Brandon Routh and Caity Lotz have both said they haven't been told they're not returning, which is about as close to a confirmation as we're gonna get.

New Heroes

Recently, some interesting information surfaced about two totally new characters who will be added to the Legends roster — a male "Han Solo type", and a female African American soldier from the 1940s. That's as much as we know about these characters, but so far they seem like the perfect atypical hero fare that Legends thrives on.

Sara, Jax, and Snart: Not your average heroes.
Sara, Jax, and Snart: Not your average heroes.

Klemmer also talked about incorporating other, more well known heroes from the DC Comics into Legends of Tomorrow Season 2.

"We're determined to make it an even greater infusion of familiar faces and names from the DC Universe."

The grizzled cowboy Jonah Hex is confirmed to appear again in Season 2, and then there's that fabulous Justice Society tease from the end of Season 1, which set up an interesting situation moving forward.

The initial the precursor to the Justice League, the Justice Society later became Earth-2's equivalent of DC's most famous team, featuring heroes like Alan Scott as Green Lantern, Power Girl, and of course Jay Garrick as the Flash.

With The CW moving into a bright, more interconnected future, the prospect of the Justice Society in Legends Season 2 is really exciting. We don't yet know where this team comes from, but after The Flash finale it seems likely that the Justice Society hail from Earth-3, as that's where the real Jay Garrick comes from. Which means that the Legends might cross into a new universe in Season 2, following Rex "Hourman" Tyler's warning.

The Earth-2 Justice Society.
The Earth-2 Justice Society.

And speaking of crossovers, you can expect much of Legends Season 2 to build up to that giant DC TV show event in December. It's possible that the plots of each DC show's next season will feed into this, which could be really interesting (or endlessly confusing, depending on how the writers handle it).

All in all, we're bound to see many more exciting things from Legends of Tomorrow, from new heroes, to the return of old friends, to clever little crossovers. Roll on Season 2!

What do you want to see in Legends of Tomorrow Season 2?

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