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Warning: This article contains major spoilers of the Season 2 premiere of Legends Of Tomorrow. If you proceed, there's no going back — not unless you have a Waverider handy!

If you were one of the many people eagerly anticipating the season premiere of DC's Legends Of Tomorrow, well then rejoice because Season 2 of the time-traveling series has arrived. Premiering on The CW last night, Legends Of Tomorrow was the final of the network's superhero shows to return, coming after , and .

While the recent trailers had previewed an explosive second season, some of us still found ourselves confused about the actual storyline. However, the season premiere shed quite a bit of light on the new direction of the show and what to expect from the season moving forward. Let's take a look at the things we learned from the exhilarating episode.

The Legends Need A New Captain

The Legends have found themselves without a captain. (via The CW)
The Legends have found themselves without a captain. (via The CW)

Before the credits rolled on the season premiere, we found out that after saving his crew, Rip Hunter mysteriously vanished without telling anyone where he was going or what happened to him. So while it's going to be interesting to see how the team will manage without Hunter's presence, it will be equally as intriguing to see if anyone steps up to guide the team.

They most certainly aren't without options. Sara Lance knows how to guide a team — having previously worked on Team Arrow and the League of Assassins, she's arguably the most experienced. However, the likes of Ray Palmer and Jefferson Jackson know their way around technology and would certainly be able to steer the Waverider. On that note, Heat Wave had no problem commandeering the ship and saving all his buddies who were lost in time. Furthermore, Professor Stein may be the most level-headed logical thinker among them and would definitely be equipped for the job.

Heywood knew that the Legends were in danger.
Heywood knew that the Legends were in danger.

But perhaps the most interesting option is the team's newest member — Dr. Nate Heywood. Heywood hasn't any superpowers — yet — but did manage to convince the Green Arrow that the Legends were in trouble. Additionally, nobody knows time better than a historian, so perhaps Heywood might be the best choice of a new captain. As for the old captain, we'll get to him later.

Sara Will Get Justice For Laurel

Revenge: Sara will stop at nothing to take out Damian Darhk. (via The CW)
Revenge: Sara will stop at nothing to take out Damian Darhk. (via The CW)

Last season on Arrow, the world watched in shock as Damian Darhk forced an arrow into the Black Canary's stomach, killing the character. Arrow's controversial decision caused a lot of outcry both in and out of the show. And no one was more angry than Laurel Lance's little sister — the White Canary, Sara Lance. So when the team of Legends time-traveled to 1942 to save New York City from an atomic bomb attack, Sara took it upon herself to go rogue, ignoring Rip Hunter's instructions and track down the man who killed her sister.

Sara and Laurel Lance as the Canaries.
Sara and Laurel Lance as the Canaries.

However, in an unusual turn of events, Darhk was actually behind the atomic bomb attack in the first place. So when things came together, all hell broke loose and the former League of Assassins member ended up in a physical battle with her sister's killer. With the team eventually having to abort, sacrificing the ship and getting scattered through time as a result, they eventually reunited and altered history to stop the explosion — and their battle with Darhk — from ever taking place.

But the Sara Lance/Damian Darhk saga is only just beginning, as Ray Palmer promised the White Canary that they will get justice for Laurel. The interesting thing is that if Sara kills Darhk in any time prior to 2016, she'll stop Laurel's death from ever happening. And as a massive Laurel Lance fan, I can't wait to see Sara take Darhk down.

Damian Darhk Is Much Better Suited To Legends Than Arrow

Darhk fitted in perfect to the fantastical world of'Legends Of Tomorrow', (via The CW)
Darhk fitted in perfect to the fantastical world of'Legends Of Tomorrow', (via The CW)

While Neal McDonagh did an excellent job last season on Arrow as Damian Darhk, fans didn't respond too well to the character. The show was trying to reclaim its darker roots but the character was a little too much of a supervillain with a villainous smile who wanted to destroy the world. The mystic's humorous and less gritty approach didn't gel well with Arrow's dark realistic world.

However, all of this helped to make Darhk a fantastic addition to Legends Of Tomorrow. McDonagh brought the villainous stance, humor and mid-fight conversations with him, all of which paid off brilliantly here. The fantastical world of the show allowed him to be just as humorous and intimidating, but it worked so much better. The mysticism was also absent which made him less cartoonish and more physically imposing which we saw in his intense fight with Sara. And while he still may be an evil genius, it seems that Reverse-Flash is the one running this operation, which will bring with it a pleasant change from the character's Arrow storyline.

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The JSA Aren't Big Fans Of The Legends

The JSA have arrived!
The JSA have arrived!

When the prevented a time catastrophe and saved New York City in the process, we found ourselves with a semi-happy ending. But things didn't quite work out that way. As the team decided to leave 1942, they were confronted by the Justice Society of America. With a line-up including Commander Steel, Vixen, Dr. Mid-Nite, Hourman and Stargirl, this heroic faction didn't look too happy with the Legends of Tomorrow —presumably because of their time traveling antics.

But the interesting thing here is — why have they confronted the heroes of the story, instead of the villains? And how could a team of in 1942 be aware of the time-traveling heroes of the modern day? Whether they choose to go quietly or put up a fight, it seems the Legends may not get off to the best start with the JSA. It was previously reported that there will be no love loss between the teams, but with all hell about to break loose, will they put their differences aside and join forces?

The Team Will Reunite With Captain Hunter

Before we finish up, spare a thought for the courageous Rip Hunter, who managed to time scatter most of his crew to safety while keeping the injured Mick Rory in stasis aboard the Waverider. When Rory woke, he and Dr. Heywood saved all the members of the team, but nobody could track down Captain Hunter, not even Gideon. But he did record a final message, praising his crew and moving us all to tears — I know you were reaching for the tissues! So the question is — where is Rip Hunter? And why didn't he save himself?

This is far from the end of the story. Arthur Darvill is once again a series regular this season and the show just wouldn't be the same without Rip. As Hunter himself said — someday, somewhere, he will see them all again.

So with that awesome season premiere in the books, we can look ahead to what's coming on this season. As the team looks to save history from Darhk and the Reverse-Flash, they will clash with the JSA, team up with the Flash, Green Arrow and Supergirl and attempt to stop aliens — not to mention locate their own captain. It sounds like it's going to be one heck of a season! Welcome back, Legends!

Check out the trailer for next week's explosive episode of Legends Of Tomorrow:

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