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There are some actors who come to define their roles, and Matt Ryan is one of them. He stepped into the role of John Constantine back when NBC launched the Constantine series back in 2014. Since then, Ryan has reprised the role time and again, even playing the part in the animated movie Justice League Dark. It's now been confirmed that he'll be joining the cast of Legends of Tomorrow as part of Season 3!

An Exciting Appearance

Speaking to Rotten Tomatoes, showrunner Phil Klemmer delighted fans by making a throwaway mention of John Constantine. Discussing the sheer range of tones and styles we can expect from Season 3, he confirmed:

"We get to do a little Amblin alien episode back in the ’80s; we do some Jack the Ripper Victorian London; Golden Age of Hollywood; John Constantine doing an exorcism. We do a Freaky Friday episode. The only thing we haven’t been able to do: We really wanted to do an Abba “Waterloo” in then Napoleonic wars but we could not get the rights for the song."

Later, speaking to The Hollywood Reporter, Klemmer confirmed that Ryan himself would be reprising the role. Klemmer has long pushed for Constantine to appear in the show, noting last year that it would be a "crime" for him not to pop up at some point. We've already had hints that Season 3 would embrace the supernatural, leading many fans to speculate that this was the right time.

Don't expect Ryan to become a series regular just yet though. He'll appear in episodes 9 and 10, before heading off to play Constantine once again in an animated series set to be released on CW Seed. Thrillingly, the two-parter looks set to revisit themes from Arrow Season 4, and Klemmer promised a terrifying confrontation with this season's big bad, Mallus. As Klemmer continued:

"More than anything, the episode promises to be scary as you know what — tonally it's The Exorcist meets One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest. Demonic possession in a mental institution — what's not to love?"

It's worth remember that Legends has a habit of revisiting cameo characters like this, so this brief appearance bodes well for the future of Matt Ryan's John .

The exciting question, of course, is just how Constantine will interact with the Legends? Although he's crossed paths with Sarah before, the others aren't quite so used to the supernatural. We can probably expect some real humor between Constantine and some of the scientists on the team. It's certainly going to be amusing to see how Doctor Stein reacts to the spell-weaving sorcerer, who's sure to challenge his world-view. That makes the idea of an "exorcism" even more entertaining. Which member of the team winds up possessed? Who does Constantine have to free from a demon or spirit? And how will the other Legends react to this particular crisis?

Fans will be thrilled to see Matt Ryan reprise the role he's made his own. Klemmer has been pushing for this cameo for a long time, knowing just how much it would mean to fans of 's favorite sorcerer. Who says dreams don't come true?

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