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With a completely anachronistic timeline and new threats rising, it seems like it's time for our favorite outcasts and misfits to once again save history. Legends Of Tomorrow is returning to screens for its third season, and is set to see Legends take on their biggest adversaries yet.

After the Season 2 finale revealed that the beloved time traveling literally broke time (by screwing up the timeline beyond recognition), this season will focus on their attempts to clean up their mistakes. But it appears that the Legends are going to be running into a lot of trouble.

With the show's return on the horizon, The CW have released a brand new full-length sizzle reel trailer. Check it out below:

While previous trailers have focused more on the humorous side of the show, this new preview really gives us an idea of what to expect from the upcoming season.

Rip Is Hostile Towards His Former Teammates

While we met the Time Bureau in the previous promo, this one allows us to see why they behave antagonistically towards the Legends. The new faction hold the heroes responsible for messing up the timeline, arresting them and stealing the Waverider. But the biggest talking point is undoubtedly Rip Hunter's attitude towards his former teammates.

The former captain of the Waverider (and Legends) was saved from a dark path by his team last season. But after helping them defeat the Legion of Doom, he officially acknowledged White Canary, Sara Lance, as the new captain before departing for good. However, this season he will lead the Time Bureau, and it appears that he has no issue blaming the Legends for the disastrous new timeline.

Given that the accused are so close to his heart, will Rip be able to remain impartial? But more importantly, with an even greater threat looming, can he and Sara (and their respective teams) put their differences aside to stop what's coming?

Meet Season 3's Big Bads

The new trailer also introduces us to the Big Bads of the upcoming season — Gorilla Grodd and Damien Darhk. Grodd is renowned for his unforgettable appearances on , while Damien Darhk was the Big Bad of Season 4, and Season 2 of Legends.

While we already knew that both of these characters would be returning to the , this new footage allows us to actually see them back in action. Grodd appears in the forests of Vietnam (albeit with recycled Flash footage), while a mysterious cult seemingly resurrects Damien Darhk.

Grodd & Darhk in the 'Legends Of Tomorrow' trailer [Credit: The CW]
Grodd & Darhk in the 'Legends Of Tomorrow' trailer [Credit: The CW]

The real story here is Darhk's resurrection. While he did antagonize the Legends last season as part of the Legion of Doom, that was actually a living version of the character from the past. This time, we will see the actual Damien Darhk who terrorized Star City on Arrow (and infamously killed Sara's sister Laurel Lance/Black Canary) be restored to life.

While this would actually allow Sara to exact revenge on him, we have to wonder who it is that resurrects him. We know that a mysterious cult leader will unite Darhk and Grodd, and that the three will serve as this season's collective Big Bad, but we don't know their identity yet.

On that note, we do catch a glimpse of a transparent figure rising from the water; so it's possible that this is the cult leader who will serve as the main threat. But is this person really powerful enough to literally raise the dead? And if so, who are they?

More Craziness Awaits

Among the threats, returns and confrontations, the trailer is also full of some of the most epic and hilarious footage we could hope for. While we haven't been given any context for these moments yet, we do know that we're going to see another year of thrill-rides and a certain type of hilarity that only Legends could give us.

From dinosaurs to sabre-tooth tigers and the occult to 's DeLorean time machine, we should expect to see even more great Easter Eggs and pop culture references throughout the new season. But the most exciting (and unexpected) one is Kid Flash's sudden appearance. With the craziness of the new timeline, we have to wonder: What is Wally doing on Legends?

Nate is in awe of the Back To The Future car. [Credit: The CW]
Nate is in awe of the Back To The Future car. [Credit: The CW]

Having undoubtedly become DC's strongest series, it looks like Legends Of Tomorrow is set to continue the high standard during Season 3. With new threats looming, sudden arrivals to deal with and the Time Bureau on their tail, it's safe to say that these superheroes have their work cut out for them this time.

Legends Of Tomorrow returns to The CW on Tuesday, October 10.

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