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DC's Legends Of Tomorrow underwent a reinvention for its time-traveling second season. With Captain Cold's death, Hawkgirl and Hawkman's departure and Rip Hunter's disappearance, the Legends ended up recruiting Vixen and Commander Steel while promoting Sara Lance to captain during Season 2.

But it seems the show is set for another major overhaul next season.

Phil Klemmer, the show's executive producer, commented that while Season 3 of Legends hasn't been fully pitched yet, there will likely be some major changes to the lineup of :

"[This season], we added two new characters, we had two characters that sort of fell out of our orbit — obviously Wentworth [Miller] has fallen back into our orbit. That’s the wonderful thing about this show. The only thing that has to remain is the Waverider. It’s a time travel show, so the only thing that’s not going to change is that it always changes."

Given the show's ability to keep reinventing itself, the possibility of new additions joining the team doesn't surprise me. But with the 's extensive lineup of iconic superheroes — and the possibility of being introduced to equally as awesome new ones — it's definitely an exciting thought.

With that in mind, let's take a look at some of the superheroes we would like to see join the Legends in Season 3 of Legends Of Tomorrow.

Jay Garrick

John Wesley Shipp as Jay Garrick on 'The Flash'. [Credit: The CW]
John Wesley Shipp as Jay Garrick on 'The Flash'. [Credit: The CW]

The original Flash is no stranger to the Arrowverse, having recurringly popped up throughout the third season of . While he may be Earth-3's Flash in the TV series, he would make a positively great addition to the Legends. Jesse Quick has taken up his mantle on Earth-3 while he is trapped in the Speed Force, and he might just want her to maintain that role once he is freed?

Perhaps the trauma would force him to look for a change — and that's exactly what joining the Waverider Crew could do for him.

The Legends found themselves bested many times by the Reverse-Flash this season, and this likely wouldn't have happened if they had a speedster of their own to battle him. Perhaps they might just look into getting themselves one for Season 3 — and who better than the original comic book Flash? Moreover, seeing the iconic John Wesley Shipp as a regular presence on our screens would make it worthwhile.

Vixen (Mari McCabe)

Vixen as she appeared on 'Arrow'. [Credit: The CW]
Vixen as she appeared on 'Arrow'. [Credit: The CW]

Maisie Richardson-Sellers has done a superb job this season as Amaya Jiwe, a.k.a. Vixen. However, she's not the first Vixen we have seen in the Arrowverse.

First voicing the character in the animated series before physically appearing in Arrow, Megalyn Echikunwoke portrayed Amaya's granddaughter Mari McCabe. The actress was unavailable at the time, thus she was unable to commit to Legends, and so The CW delved into the past and plucked another Vixen to join the team instead.

But as the season hurtles towards its conclusion, Amaya has been doing some research about her eventual fate, and was shocked to learn what happens to her people. Most recently, Gideon even brought up photographs of Mari. Thus, we have to wonder if it's leaving the door open for the modern day Vixen to take her grandmother's place on the Waverider, or could both ladies join forces?

If Echikunwoke's schedule has cleared up, she might indeed be able to return to the role and bring Vixen to Legends.

Black Canary

Could Laurel join her sister as a Legend? [Credit: The CW]
Could Laurel join her sister as a Legend? [Credit: The CW]

Throughout Season 2 of Legends, Sara has constantly tried to bring her sister Laurel back to her. The Black Canary was killed off during 's fourth season, and her killer Damien Darhk is now part of the Legion of Doom on Legends Of Tomorrow. It would make complete sense for Sara to pluck Laurel from the timeline and save her sister from death or even better, use the Spear of Destiny to rewrite her fate.

Moreover, Laurel's Black Canary would be a great fit for the colorful team of Legends, and it would be amazing to see both Canary sisters fighting side by side.

While this is unlikely now due to the fact that Katie Cassidy is returning to Arrow full-time as Laurel's Earth-2 doppelgänger Black Siren, recurring appearances as Black Canary shouldn't be ruled out. After all, we are talking about a time-travel show. Furthermore, Cassidy is due to appear in next week's season finale, thus we have to wonder if a recurring role throughout Season 3 is a possibility?

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Arsenal was a great addition to 'Arrow.' [Credit: The CW]
Arsenal was a great addition to 'Arrow.' [Credit: The CW]

Roy Harper's character arc on the first three seasons of Arrow was literally perfect. But he was written out when he pretended to be the Arrow and faked his own death. Taking the fall for Oliver and destroying his own name may have been the ultimate sacrifice, but it was a pretty steep fate for the goodhearted Roy.

Spending his life on the run isn't the fate a hero like Roy deserves, so there's always a chance he could return to crimefighting. And if he does, undoubtedly the best place for a supposedly dead "criminal" would be aboard the Waverider with the Legends. After all, identity isn't an issue when you're time-traveling superheroes — just ask the formerly twice dead Sara Lance or the supervillain Heat Wave.

Arsenal would be an awesome addition to the show, and it would be great to see Colton Haynes back where he belongs: under the red hood. Moreover, it would be really cool to see Sara and Roy reunited, as both worked together on the original Team Arrow.

John Constantine

'Constantine' has become a cult classic. [Credit: NBC]
'Constantine' has become a cult classic. [Credit: NBC]

To say that fans fell in love with Matt Ryan's badass portrayal of John Constantine would be a major understatement. The actor starred in the incredible — and short-lived — Constantine on NBC in 2014 and reprised the role in an episode of Arrow. Despite the series' cancellation, the character's story will continue in the CW animated sequel, with Ryan returning to voice the character. But fans want the demon-slaying, hell-raising occult detective back on our screens weekly.

Thus, this isn't the first time Constantine's name has gotten thrown around when talking about Legends Of Tomorrow. While we haven't seen many demonic occurrences take place on the Arrowverse shows, his appearance on Arrow does indeed confirm that he exists in the same universe and on the same Earth as the time-traveling superheroes. Thus, I couldn't think of a better man for the job.

Moreover, his presence would certainly take the show to places it has never gone before — giving Season 3 a unique tone while adding a significant boost to the ratings.

[Credit: The CW]
[Credit: The CW]

With Legends Of Tomorrow looking to change up its lineup of time-traveling superheroes, there is sure to be a lot of excitement over the endless possibilities as to who the lucky candidates will be. While I have no doubt that Season 3 will deliver like the current season has, we have to wonder: which outcast or misfit will be plucked from the timeline to become the next Legend? Time will most certainly tell.

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