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This post contains spoilers for Legends of Tomorrow Season 2, Arrow Season 5 and The Flash Season 3.

In the season finale of DC's , the Legends ran into their own selves when they went back to 1912 to prevent the Legion of Doom from getting the Spear of Destiny. Captain Hunter had warned them of the ramifications of such an interaction, and when they returned to 2017, they saw the truth behind his words. Los Angeles 2017 was teeming with dinosaurs, and the world was a vastly different place.

Now that the world has changed due to the Legends' actions, how is it going to affect the — or will it affect the Arrowverse at all?

In the season finale of Season 2, Barry reset history by returning to the past and saving his mother, thereby changing the timeline and creating . Though it brought about many changes to the characters of The Flash, it had only one effect, that we know of, for : John Diggle went from being a father of a daughter to being a father of a son. If the Flash's decisions caused a ripple effect in Star City, shouldn't the Legends' broken timeline bring changes to other shows as well?

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If the new Earth happening on Legends of Tomorrow doesn't result in major chaos to Central City or Star City, will it be because the powers-that-be are going to separate the universes like on Supergirl? Or will the Legends be in a parallel universe when they return toward the end of 2017? Perhaps the Legends will perfectly fix the damage, so we just won't see the other shows' characters being affected, even though they were.

Still, if the broken timeline isn't addressed in The Flash or Arrow, it will certainly feel as though these shows aren't connected. Yet, when the crossovers happen, we are supposed to believe they are. What happens to one Earth should happen to all, and I'm going to be surprised, and more than a little disappointed, if the broken timeline isn't at least addressed in the other Arrowverse shows.

What do you think? Should the broken timeline affect Arrow and The Flash?


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