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Legion Season One has gone from strength to astral strength, proving to be possibly the most intriguing superhero show to date. Noah Hawley is weaving a complex, sophisticated tale, one that's full of questions and intrigue. Now, though, the secrets of Legion are being revealed. Specifically - just who is the Devil with Yellow Eyes?

Meet the Devil With Yellow Eyes

Chapter 6 just blew the lid on the monstrous being that's haunted Dan Stevens's David Haller since childhood. It's a psychic entity that trapped David in a mental projection, a complex construct that he experienced as a hospital. Chillingly, his 'best friend' Lenny has been the monster all along. Aubrey Plaza's Lenny and Quinton Boisclair's monstrous being have been one and the same, toying with David as a cat with a mouse.

The psychic parasite claimed to have a history with David's father, Charles Xavier in the comics; this monstrous, powerful being is jealous to control David's mind, and we're now diving deep into a battle for sanity itself.

But what is this creature? Early fan theories had argued that he's just another alter, or even the classic X-Men villain Mojo. With Chapter 6 though - supported by the teaser for Chapter 7 - fans have been able to relax. We know just who David Haller has fallen prey to...

Meet the Shadow King

The traditional Shadow King! [Credit: Marvel Comics]
The traditional Shadow King! [Credit: Marvel Comics]

In the comics, the Shadow King is an ancient enemy of Professor Xavier, and a powerful psionic being who long since abandoned the physical world. He feeds on hatred and fear, and uses his psionic abilities to corrupt those around him. Significantly, the Shadow King has strong ties to the comic-book version of David Haller — in the "Muir Isle Saga", he possessed Legion, using his powers against the X-Men. He was only stopped when Psylocke plunged her psychic knife into Legion's brain, shattering it under a powerful, focused psychic assault.

The alternate promo for Chapter 7 has blown the mystery of the Devil with Yellow Eyes wide open (there's currently only a low-res version of the promo available online; I'll update this post when a full one is uploaded, but for now here's the link). Eagle-eyed viewers had already joined the dots - from the imaginary dog named 'King' to the outsider breaking into David's mind. Now, the alternate promo openly reveals that the villain of this series is none other than the Shadow King. The name is explicitly used, followed up by the Shadow King's real name - Amahl Farouk.

Be afraid - be very afraid! [Credit: FX]
Be afraid - be very afraid! [Credit: FX]

The Shadow King is one of the X-Men's most powerful and dangerous villains, a powerful psychic force that has brought the assembled might of the X-Men to the brink of defeat time and again. Now, it seems we're setting up for a climactic battle between David Haller and the Shadow King - the monster that has plagued his life for years!

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Long-term X-Men fans won't be surprised at this revelation; the evidence has seemed pretty conclusive for quite a few episodes now, but I admit to being surprised that FX would choose to confirm the Shadow King's identity in a promo. Perhaps they too felt that the evidence was already too solid, in the aftermath of the thrills and spills of Chapter 6? Whatever the case may be, the stage if set for one tremendously exciting battle - between David and his best friend, who has secretly manipulated him for years...


Do you think the Devil with Yellow Eyes is the Shadow King?

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