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Time to dig out your toybox and start piecing together those little plastic blocks, because we are looking back at 's . Some of us were bricking ourselves with excitement, and we certainly weren't left disappointed when a brave and bold Batman movie threw its plastic-fantastic self into cinemas. With more Easter Eggs than religious holiday, it wasn't just forgotten rogues and valuable vehicles from 's past that made an appearance.

There were a couple of noticeable nods to Bruce's particularly dark and brooding days in 's Dark Knight trilogy, and 's titular Lego Batman was just as grouchy as 's portrayal in the Nolanverse. However, we apparently missed one Gotham-sized Easter Egg that was right in front of our eyes.

Bright Lights Bigger City

Taking to Twitter, McKay revealed that he used a familiar backdrop for his own vision of the world's most dangerous city — move over Sin City. Apparently, Lego Gotham is actually a toy version of Chicago. It was mainly due to McKay having grown up in the Windy City, but was also due to his adoration of the Dark Knight trilogy:

Arnett's portrayal of the Caped Crusader was the scene-stealer of 2014's The Lego Movie, so it was no surprise that he got his own bricky blockbuster to unfurl his wings. Taking the past 51 years of Batman movies into account, McKay paid a dutiful homage to DC's playboy vigilante. While there is no news on a sequel to The Lego Batman Movie, McKay will try his hand at directing a live-action Batman film behind the lends of . Who knows if McKay will use Chicago to film the mean streets of Gotham's sister city, Blüdhaven, but he definitely has an affinity with the place.

As for The Lego Batman Movie, to take into account something as minuscule as a background location when scouting for somewhere as ginormous as Gotham, it shows how invested the film's team was in getting every little detail right. Even though Lego Batman was one film tipped for the kids, there was more than enough to keep the adults entertained, and the Dark Knight nod is just another reason. Meanwhile, a rewatch of Lego Batman will presumably get you in the mood to dim the lights and grumble into the night while enjoying Nolan's trilogy one more time with a game of "Spot the City."

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