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Like Robin's glittery cape, The LEGO Batman Movie is currently dazzling audiences worldwide, proving that there was no need for director Chris McKay to be "bricking" it. It is true that is "building" quite the following from fans young and old, ruling the box office and cashing in its bricks to continue the success of 2014's .

For those wondering if they need to stick around after the credits begin to roll, the answer is: absolutely. While there is no Darkseid cameo, or a Hugh Jackman teasing Wolverine crossing over to , there is a heart-warming music video courtesy of band Oh, Hush!, featuring the vocals of Jeff Lewis and Will Arnett's titular . Enough to break Batman's stoic heart, and told from the POV of Michael Cera's pint-sized Robin, it reminds us how even in Gotham, "Everything Is Awesome."

Warning: Mild spoilers ahead for The LEGO Batman Movie.

Do The Batdance

"Friends Are Family" is set to be your latest commute song for those dreary Monday mornings when you need a splash of yellow from the LEGO company. Sure, Will Arnett's Batman may be lurking in the shadows, wearing black or sometimes very (very) dark grey, but even he had mellowed by the end of The LEGO Batman Movie, with the post-credits picking up where we left our Dynamic Duo (and friends).

There may be no official post-credits scene for McKay's movie, but the boring scrolling names are done away with for Oh, Hush!'s chipper tune. Now WaterTower Music has released the video in full, so you don't have to head back to cinemas to see all the Easter Eggs you missed. With more choreography and costume changes than a Gaga number, can we enter "Friends Are Family" for best feature song? The name itself is a little spoilerific for the lesson that Arnett's Batman learns, as Bruce Wayne opens his Batcave to accept Dick Grayson as Robin, Barbara Gordon as Batgirl, and Alfred as *erm* some sort of S&M-outfit butler.

'The LEGO Batman Movie' [Credit: Warner Bros.]
'The LEGO Batman Movie' [Credit: Warner Bros.]

Unusually, Batman's Rogues Gallery weren't the bad guys in the film, and proved instrumental in banishing the likes of Daleks, Dracula, and Godzilla back to the Phantom Zone, while bringing Gotham City back together. With so many familiar faces molded in plastic, perhaps the only criticism of LEGO Batman was the lack of screen time for the likes of Catwoman, Riddler, Bane, and Billy Dee Williams's return as Harvey Dent/Two-Face from 1989's Batman. Thankfully, the video for "Friends Are Family" brings everyone in toe-tapping technicolor and Williams even gets his own drum solo. There is also a sneaky team-up of Harley, Catwoman, and Ivy, possibly teasing the upcoming film.

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'Batman Soundtrack' [Credit: Warner Bros]
'Batman Soundtrack' [Credit: Warner Bros]

The rest of the LEGO Batman soundtrack includes some other happy-clappy songs, including covers of "Man in the Mirror" and "We Built This City," as well as an underrated DNCE number. The Batman Rap is a personal favorite, but there is no denying that "Friends Are Family" is the most annoyingly catchy. While it isn't quite up there with Seal's "Kiss From a Rose" or Prince's Batman album, it joins a long line of Batman soundtracks. Also, while "Friends Are Family" isn't quite as catchy as Tegan and Sara's "Everything Is Awesome" from The LEGO Movie, it is arguably a better song!

It certainly beats the tried-and-tested formula of setting up a sequel through post-credits, and McKay has spoken out on the film's farewell, wanting to end on a similarly high note to the rest of the movie:

"I wanted the movie to end with joy. Like, really go over the top and move the needle from Batman’s point of view at the beginning to Robin’s POV by the end. Actually, my dream would have been to make this movie a musical. I think if we had more time, there would have been a version of this movie that would have been a full musical and had more point of view songs like that for sure. But really, we just wanted people to leave the theater smiling and feel good as Batman embraces these people."

A musical? LEGO La La Land, or why not copy Buffy the Vampire Slayer and have LEGO Batman: Once More With Feeling; let's get that one on the slate and fast-tracked ahead of the rest of the . With a lighter tone, but still not aimed exclusively at the little ones, The LEGO Batman Movie moved away from the usual drab backdrop of DC, but will the trend continue? I say "Pffft, Affleck who?" Give me Zach Galifianakis as Mr. J and his clip-on green hair any day of the week!

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