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Will Arnett's Lego Batman stole the show in The Lego Movie, but now he has his own solo film. Made entirely out of Legos, The Lego Batman Movie features parodies of the Batman lexicon, spanning from the Burton/Nolan movies and the comics to the Adam West TV series.

Fans expected the film to be a fun comedy for the whole family — with plenty of in-jokes for hardcore fans — but nobody expected The Lego Batman Movie to end up being the highest-rated theatrical Batman film to date. Which it currently is:

[Credit: Rotten Tomatoes]
[Credit: Rotten Tomatoes]

As of right now, the Rotten Tomatoes aggregate score from professional film reviewers is at 97 percent, as opposed to 94 percent for The Dark Knight, widely considered the greatest superhero movie of all time. It's also higher than the 82 percent for animated fan favorite Batman: Mask Of The Phantasm.

It seems improbable that a Lego cartoon would have better reviews than a film that features an Academy Award-winning performance, but — for now, with 34 professional critics reporting in — that's the case.

[Credit: Warner Bros.]
[Credit: Warner Bros.]

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Reviews have shown almost nothing but praise for the film. Here's Tom Huddleston from TimeOut:

"The inept egomaniac is a time-honored comedy archetype — think Jack Sparrow, Daffy Duck or Donald Trump — but thanks to razor-sharp writing, this Batman is fresh and fun."

Owen Gleiberman from Variety described the movie as deserving a place in the pantheon of legendary satire:

"The Lego Batman Movie is a helter-skelter lampoon in the daftly exhilarating spirit of Mad magazine and the Naked Gun films.

Don Kaye from Den Of Geek says that the movie is more accurate to the comics and the character than the far more serious big-screen interpretations:

"As funny and satiric as it is, director Chris McKay’s film gets to the heart of the character more insightfully than some of the live-action iterations. ... The Lego Batman Movie’s little plastic superhero may be his most human portrayal yet ... and it's actually fun too."

This still kills me! [Credit: Warner Bros.]
This still kills me! [Credit: Warner Bros.]

From all these reviews, combined with the hilarious marketing, it seems like The Lego Batman Movie will be not only a perfect comedy for the family to enjoy — kids, adults, teens, seniors, you name it — but also a perfect Batman movie. Maybe it's not the Batman movie we wanted, but it's the Batman movie we deserve: one that brings everyone together rather than splitting audiences in half, debating for months on end.

The Lego Batman Movie premieres this Friday, February 10th!

I can't wait to watch The Lego Batman Movie to have some laughs and some grins — how about you? Or will you just wait for the next live-action Batman? Let me know in the comments down below!


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