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The Batman may have hit some speed bumps, but one Dark Knight is already raking in rave reviews, and that's Lego Batman. Part of The Lego Batman Movie's early success must be attributed to its amazing marketing campaign, which began last year with hilarious promos and trailers. With the film getting even closer to its release date, Warner Bros. is making its final marketing push, and has roped in The CW's Arrowverse stars to help the campaign.

Lego Batman [Credit: Warner Bros]
Lego Batman [Credit: Warner Bros]

During an episode of Supergirl on the CW, popped up with one of his best promos to date – and reminded fans that the DCEU and the are all part of the same family. The promo featured The Flash, Arrow, Supergirl, and The Atom interacting with Lego Batman, and it made all the DC Comics nerds squeal with delight.

Lego Batman Meets The CW Heroes

This promo is absolutely the best way Warner Bros. could've promoted The Lego Batman Movie on The CW. This promo acknowledges that our favorite Arrowverse characters exist in a multiverse, and in one of them they could be made of Legos – hopefully Cisco will vibe to this Earth at least once on The Flash. More importantly, the promo plays up the silliness of this iteration of Batman, that they established in The Lego Movie.

Using sound bites from The Flash, Barry questions Batman, and he tells Barry he is doing “detective work”, which Barry wouldn't understand — unlike the Batman we know and love from the comics, this version of Batman is a complete idiot. Then Green Arrow swoops in, quickly followed by Supergirl and The Atom.

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It is soon revealed that Batman is trying to decipher what “CW” means, and upon seeing Supergirl, concludes that it must stand for Kryptonian Woman. Our heroes from the Arrowverse promptly tell him that it's spelled with a K, to which Lego Batman responds: "who spells woman with a K?".

The DC Comics Movie We Deserve

Promotional posters for The Lego Batman Movie. [Credit: Warner Bros.]
Promotional posters for The Lego Batman Movie. [Credit: Warner Bros.]

This is a silly little promo, but it made me so profoundly happy. Since the creation of the Arrowverse, fans have wanted Batman/Bruce Wayne make an appearance, and we finally got to see him mingle with our favorite heroes. Sure, it’s not exactly the way we wanted it, but Warner Bros. pulled the old monkey’s paw trick on us, and we got Lego Batman instead.

This promo has made me even more excited for than I already was. This promo is the perfect nerd fan service, which bodes extremely well for the movie. The Lego Batman Move is currently rated at 97% on Rotten Tomatoes, and so far it looks amazing. The Lego Batman Movie hits theaters on February 10, 2017, and hopefully is the DC Comics movie we deserve.

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