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Now, over the years, 's branded sets have revealed more than their fair share of plot information about some of our most beloved franchises. They are, after all, licensed tie-in products with a necessarily lengthy production lead-time, something that tends to make them distinctly loose in their adaptation of their respective properties, but oddly prescient all the same.

That advance warning, of course, has also ensured that LEGO sets are kept firmly under lock and key until the latest possible moment, a point which tends to arrive at key industry events like the recent Nuremberg International Toy Fair. And so, perhaps somewhat unsurprisingly, Nuremberg brought with it a -shaped (inadvertent) reveal. Y'see:

This LEGO 'Justice League' Set Seems To Be Hiding A Key Costume Change

Specifically, it seems that the image above — which was spotted on the cover of some otherwise redacted -themed sets — reveals a few key details of our heroes' Justice League costuming. 's arm cannon seems set to be prominently used, for instance, and it appears that 's blue suit will indeed remain his primary outfit in the movie (sorry, black suit fans). For many, though, the most intriguing element is surely that appears to be wearing a subtly different suit to what we've previously seen, with what looks to be a blend of lighter and darker reds.

Of course, with the image being hugely blurry, it's also entirely possible that it's simply just in shadow, and that we're all reading far too much into this. But where's the fun in that?

What do you think, though? What else can you spot hiding in that there Justice League LEGO image? Let us know below!

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