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When it comes to merchandise, sometimes the toys barely match their movie counterparts — and sometimes early release figures spoil key plot points for upcoming movies. Such was the case with Rey's Jedi powers in The Force Awakens, and now it seems that the final battle of Wonder Woman has been revealed by a tie-in LEGO set.

The playset, entitled "Wonder Woman Warrior Battle", features Diana and Steve Trevor in their costumes from the movie, as they join forces to fight an absolutely gigantic Ares.

The new Wonder Woman set may spoil the film. [Credit: LEGO / DC]
The new Wonder Woman set may spoil the film. [Credit: LEGO / DC]

Ares plays a pivotal role in the backstory for Wonder Woman, but it has not been officially confirmed that he's the main villain for the movie — though we do know that Diana leaves Themiscyra because she thinks Ares is behind WWI, so it was pretty much a dead cert that she'd fight the God of War at the end.

And now it seems as though we've caught a sneak peek at this sequence, and Ares is the biggest Big Bad yet to feature on a movie. It looks like the god will be absolutely gigantic, causing Steve Trevor to help out by attacking with his plane while she charges with her sword.

The individual pieces in the Wonder Woman set. [Credit: LEGO / DC]
The individual pieces in the Wonder Woman set. [Credit: LEGO / DC]

LEGO usually make sets to tie into movies by depicting various sequences so kids can replay them at home — they've done this for the quinjet scene in Age of Ultron, Rey's time as a scavenger in The Force Awakens, and many more.

Yet, as io9 points out, as much as we've been spoiled for movies by merchandise, we've also been mislead too — they cite the battle between Iron Man and a golf-buggy driving Mandarin which never happened in Iron Man 3, despite the fact that LEGO inexplicably made a set to depict this scene. And of course the Age of Ultron LEGO set featured Captain America jumping out on a motorcycle, instead of Black Widow.

So take this new Wonder Woman LEGO set with a pinch of salt, but I'm betting that at the very lease we'll see a gigantic Ares in the movie — even if Steve doesn't help Diana out in the final battle with him.


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(Source: Entertainment Weekly via io9)

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