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The lengths some people go to when paying homage to a game they care about can lead to some wonderful things. In this case we have Tim Schwalfenberg putting a whole load of work into this intricate LEGO construction recreating The Last of Us scenery with a true-to-original feel.

Constructing Destruction

You can see why it took Tim over 100 hours to complete this, especially when you consider the challenge of making a LEGO construction look so perfectly ruined.

There's an incredible amount of detail to be found in the 3.5x2ft (1x0.6m) scene, from broken windows and floors to the overgrown nature seen in the game's distinctive scenery.

Nature Reclaiming Its Territory

The plant-filled streets of the game's post-apocalyptic environment are wonderfully recreated with just the right amount of ruin. The curled leaf plant found in the foreground above are fantastically fitting.

The fall of humanity has never looked so good... or blocky.

Ellie And Joel Have A Lot Of Cleaning To Do

You can spot the two protagonists in the lower right corner as they traverse the hazardous terrain formed through years of disuse.

You can spot seemingly trivial items like a shower curtain or faucet which add to the amazing detail of the construction.

Swinging By The Leg Shop

Before you wander off into Clicker-territory, grab yourself a pair of leggos (get it?) from the shop in the bottom panel of this picture. You have over 20,000 bricks to explore in the world Tim built, so you may as well be comfortable.

Home, Sweet Home

Again, some lovely details to be found here including a dartboard and a shotgun. Overall, a fantastically furnished home, even if everything is ruined.

A few pool cues, a broken fan and some scattered books really help make this scene come to life.

Taking the time to recreate all these details is what elevates this project to another level. Maybe we'll see more of these creations in the future, hopefully with the same standard of detail and intricacy.

Has this creation got you excited for The Last of Us 2? Watch the reveal trailer below:

Impressed? What other games would you want to see LEGO scenes from? Let me know in the comments below!

[Credit: Tim Schwalfenberg]


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