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Why, she wouldn't even harm a fly. Self-proclaimed Jessica Chastain know-it-all.

While we wait for another big announcement, get ready to see another new face on the upcoming season of American Horror Story, because Ryan Murphy has announced that Girls star Lena Dunham is joining Season 7.

The Fans React

Although Ryan Murphy is excited for Dunham to join the American Horror Story family, he seems to be the only one. Unfortunately, past controversies surrounding Lena Dunham have the fans of American Horror Story furious. Particularly, the controversy surrounding her memoir Not That Kind of Girl. Dunham was accused of "bragging" about having sexually abused her younger sister. Although Dunham,ttempted to clear things up, the majority of the internet are still not OK with her. It seems as though the fan base is (again) sadly within that majority.

Despite the widespread disapproval of Dunham's casting announcement, it is already set in stone. All I have to say to the upset fans is that there are plenty of great actors already confirmed for Season 7 to stick around for. Sarah Paulson or Evan Peters? Take your pick!


Are you excited about Lena Dunham joining Season 7? Leave your thoughts in the comments below — and try to be nice!


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