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It's no secret that The Walking Dead Season 7 hasn't exactly been a hit with fans. Ratings dropped dramatically following the crazy season premiere, and continued to drop until the final two episodes. However, while the fans have clearly not been happy, it seems like the actors on the series weren't entirely thrilled with Season 7a either!

Morgan and Carol meet Ezekiel and Shiva [Credit: AMC]
Morgan and Carol meet Ezekiel and Shiva [Credit: AMC]

Actor Lennie James, a.k.a Morgan Jones, recently spoke to NME about the current season of the show. When asked about the fact that Morgan only popped up in two of the eight episodes so far, he revealed how much he hated shooting it. James said:

"Horrible, just horrible – I swear to God, horrible [laughs]. But it was the same for everybody. Everyone’s had more time off this season than they’ve ever had, but it’s horrible. I hated it, and I complained about it – and I’m not a complainer – every day, like: 'How you doing Lennie?' I hate it! 'You want tea or coffee?' I hate it! It was horrible, because you just didn’t see anybody."

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Morgan with the Kingdom folk [Credit: Gene Page/AMC]
Morgan with the Kingdom folk [Credit: Gene Page/AMC]

James also explained that because of all of the different settings this season, everyone was so scattered, he barely saw his other cast mates, leaving him at a loose end.

"When we starting filming the first episode, there was a moment where everybody sort of came together – and then everybody split up. I didn’t see Andy [Lincoln, who plays Rick Grimes] for six weeks because we weren’t filming in the same place. ... In the end the only time I did see him was when we were both on a plane back to London to see our families. I hated it, it was horrible."

"If you speak to anyone from The Walking Dead cast – and if you say this on another job, it’s a lie – then you know that everyone just gets on, and that you want to hang out and be around one other. But they were filming stupid hours, and because you have so much time off – there was one point where I had three episodes off – I just went off to see my kids. What could I do in Atlanta for that amount of time – and I love Atlanta – so I would leave town, as everyone else did [when they weren’t shooting]. I hated it. I said to Scott: 'I see what you’re doing, I respect what you’re doing, but don’t ever do this to me again because I hate it.' I just didn’t see people."

But it wasn't only the series regulars he missed the chance to chat with. The wrap party presented a whole new bunch of actors playing characters that James had never met due to Morgan's time in the Kingdom!

"... there’s whole bunches of people that you meet at the wrap party who you’ve never met before! You’re like, 'Who are you and what are you doing on my show?' There were just loads of people going: 'Hi, I’m such and such and I play…' I don’t know you, go away! Where’s my mates? It was horrible, I hated it – meeting people at a wrap party and they don’t even look like themselves. It’s just stupid."

Obviously James was hamming it up a little for the interview, but anyone who knows anything about knows that this is one hell of a tight cast, and not seeing each other for most of filming definitely must have been hard! Thankfully going into Season 7b, most of the cast has been reunited, with the exception of Carol and Morgan, though it looks like Morgan will soon be reconnected with Rick and co in the promo for Season 7 (see below) is to be believed.

The Walking Dead returns to AMC with Episode 9 on February 12.


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Source: NME


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