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After legendary Star Trek actor was spotted by paparazzi in a wheel-chair and oxygen mask last week, fans were obviously concerned about his health and well-being.

As a result, the actor, who played Spock in both the Star Trek television series and films, headed onto Twitter to explain his health issues to fans. It seems Nimoy is suffering from permanent damage to his pulmonary system due to smoking many years ago, something he doesn't want his fans to repeat. Last week he tweeted:

However, yesterday he added:

And then again, after receiving many messages of concern from followers, he added:

This certainly does make you wonder. As someone who smokes relatively frequently, it is advice like this which makes you realize it's totally not worth it the long-term and that excuses of "Oh, I'll quit one day" probably aren't sufficient.

Of course, this news comes only a week after the tragic death of from a drug overdose. Now, although I'm not equating a heroine overdose with smoking, Hoffman did once provide friend and collaborator with some sage advice. After his death Sorkin wrote:

And [Hoffman] said this: ‘If one of us dies of an overdose, probably 10 people who were about to won’t.’ He meant that our deaths would make news and maybe scare [an addict] clean.

So kids, take Leonard Nimoy's advice to heart if you want to live long and prosper.


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