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A couple of years ago took a great fancy to a blacklisted script called The Low Dweller. Apart from producing the revenge thriller, the actor was also set to play the leading role.

But, as tumultuous project developments in Hollywood go, things changed over time. The script for The Low Dweller became Out of the Furnace, and got an extensive rewrite by its newly appointed director (Crazy Heart). Although dropped out as the star of the pic, and was replaced by , he remained as a producer, and apparently, seems to be quite saifisfied with the work Cooper has done on the film.

According to Deadline, the three time Academy Award nominated actor has signed on to star in ’s next project, the Depression-era set, The Road Home.

The crime drama is based on the yet unpublished Michael Armour novel of the same name, and tells the story of a war-scarred rancher, who finds himself embroiled in the investigation of a brutal murder, which the local police covered up.

was in very lively form indeed in Django Unchained, so here's hoping he maintains that mad energy. It was recently reported though, that the star wants to take a lengthy break from acting, hence it's probably going to take a bit of time till he’ll take The Road Home.


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