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And the Academy Award for Lookalike of the Year goes to...

The world of Leonardo DiCaprio dopplegängery is a strange place of Ukrainian news pieces, Olympic archers, and American housewives; however, we may just have found the best twin out there. Admittedly it is from his Titanic/The Beach days and not the Jack Nicholson/dad bod era, but the similarities are uncanny. Get ready, things are about to get a little weird.

I had always thought that Jack had sunk to the bottom of the ocean faster than the old lady's necklace, but these handsome chops belong to 22-year-old Konrad Annerud, who says that he is often stopped on the street due to his likeness to the Hollywood A-lister. Amassing an ever-increasing popularity on social media, Konrad is a Swedish model/skateboarder, who also sings the odd ditty, but is yet to branch into acting.

Annerud spoke to Swedish news site Nyheter24 about the ups and downs of looking like Leo:

"It can be a little semi-hard sometimes when people call me Leo instead of my name as well. But that's fun to be like him, for he is good looking."

It isn't all Wolf of Wall Street and Gatsby parties though, Konrad said that at one point he was so sick of being compared to Leo, he even thought about shaving his head to avoid the glare of attention:

"It is much worse when I am abroad. When I was in Italy last summer so I felt kind that I wanted to shave off my hair, then it was chaos. People shouted 'Leo!' and want to take pictures all the time. It was among the craziest thing I ever experienced."

Yeah, it must be so tough looking like a Hollywood heartthrob.

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[Credit: Instagram @konradannerud/Leonardo DiCaprio
[Credit: Instagram @konradannerud/Leonardo DiCaprio

However, Annerud is by no means the first impressive impersonator, the world is full of other Leos, which begs the question: Is Leo part of some Resident Evil cloning system to populate after an upcoming apocalypse? That on its own sounds like Oscar-winning gold, so please credit me for the idea Leo!

Everyone remembers archer Brady Ellison, who stole the limelight during the Rio Olympics, with more people looking at his uncanny Leo-ness than his bow and arrow. While it was Ellison who took the internet by storm, he wasn't the last (or the first) Leo-like out there.

[Credit: Life News]
[Credit: Life News]

There was also the time that it looked like DiCaprio had gone undercover for some method acting to air his views on the Ukrainian crisis. My Ukrainian is a little rusty, but I think he is talking about how his latest role would assure him another Oscar.

Konrad also isn't the first guy to make their living from Leo. The slightly more rotund Roman Burtsev impersonated Leo at a variety of events, and even coined the moniker "Fat Leo." Until Annerud, Burtsev was the most successful Leo out there, with his own reality TV show called Romance with DiCaprio. The totally wacky premise saw the former security guard undertake voice coaching, meet a dietician, and get a makeover to look even more like Leo.

[Credit: Tumblr lo-parksthecar]
[Credit: Tumblr lo-parksthecar]

Finally, we know that Leo played the master of deception in Catch Me If You Can, but has he also mastered time travel? Forget Roman's reality show, is Leo actually lurking in a 1960s yearbook as Judy Zipper? Mind = blown

'Inception' [Credit: Warner Bros.]
'Inception' [Credit: Warner Bros.]

All of the above are pretty good, but I think Konrad wins the award for this one. You can check out more of his beautiful visage on his Instagram and see his inevitable rise to stardom. If If he does make the logical move into acting to play Leo in a biopic, I wonder if it would take as long to nab that coveted golden statue? Personally, if I were Leo, I would throw a big doppelgänger party on one of those Wall Street yachts for all my Leo lookalikes; Annerud's visage begs the question though, does Leo's dad have something he needs to tell us about his whereabouts in 1995?

Check out our video of the many-face of Leo (Annerud not included), and don't forget the poll below!


Who is the best Leo lookalike?

(Source: Nyheter 24)


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