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David Latona

Via Mobli, we bring you some more stills of the upcoming film The Wolf of Wall Street, the newest movie helmed by the legendary Martin Scorsese. In these images, we get to appreciate a bit of Leonardo DiCaprio's lifestyle as a top-earning stockbroker in Wall Street: grand parties, expensive red wine, and lunches at exclusive NYC locals. Check them out below:

Leo chatting with Matthew McConaughey over some exquisite glasses of water

Jonah Hill admiringly caressing his charismatic boss

It's a lavish party when Wall St. folks get down to business

This Ralph Lauren ad looks suspiciously like a Scorsese film

The Wolf of Wall Street follows the life of Jordan Belfort () as he is caught up in a massive corruption scheme involving securities fraud and the mob. The movie also stars and .

The Wolf of Wall Street premieres this Christmas Day.

Images via Mobli.



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