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Mark Newton

Don't worry guys, The Wolf of Wall Street is definitely on the way. We got our first look at 's latest directorial effort over 4 months ago, and since then we've heard precious little.

Indeed, we recently learned that Paramount were apparently delaying The Wolf of Wall Street until next year, however the arrival of this new trailer suggests otherwise. Check out all the booze, babes and stacks of cash below:


The story sees becoming Jordan Belfort, a real-life crooked stockbroker who rose to the top before crashing down again into a pile of drugs and alcohol. also appears as his dedicated side-kick, and equally debauched individual, Donnie Azoff — once again surprising audiences used to seeing him telling nothing but pot and sex jokes.

IndieWire has also revealed that The Wolf of Wall Street will run for a fairly staggering 2 hours and 45 minutes. Now, Scorsese has proven before, with films such as Goodfella and The Departed, that he direct movies way over the 2 hour mark, but can this story sustain such a long running time?

What do you think? Could this finally be the moment Leonardo DiCaprio wins an Academy Award? Let us know below.


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