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It remains to be seen whether Martin Scorsese will convince Leonard DiCaprio to play the Joker for DC Films, but the Oscar-winning duo will team up to bring another D.C. legend to the big screen.

According to Deadline, Scorsese will direct DiCaprio in their long-planned Teddy Roosevelt biopic, Roosevelt, about the charismatic 26th U.S. president, for Paramount Pictures. Roosevelt's military background, ahead-of-the-times environmentalism, macho philosophy and no-nonsense attitude make him a compelling figure.

A Larger-Than-Life Character

[Credit: Library of Congress]
[Credit: Library of Congress]

Although there's no word on exactly what time period(s) the film will cover (writer Scott Bloom is currently working on the screenplay), Deadline points out that Roosevelt's commitment to national parks is a theme that especially resonates with DiCaprio — and is the reason "why he is resurrecting playing the subject after a previous attempt at the film years ago didn’t pan out."

Roosevelt is one intriguing character — he hunted in Africa, he loved to skinny-dip, he went after corruption on Wall Street, he won a Nobel Peace Prize — and DiCaprio will have a ton of material to work with. Scorsese previously directed him in biopics The Aviator (about aviation pioneer Howard Hughes) and The Wolf of Wall Street (about stockbroker-turned-felon Jordan Belfort), and if Roosevelt matches the quality of those films, we're in for a presidential classic.

Are you excited for Roosevelt or just holding out hope that DiCaprio plays the Joker?

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